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30 years being a writer.
I have been writing my entire life. I love letters. I love the form of words. I love building existence from nothing.
10 years being a serious writer.
In college (a decade ago), I finished my first novel. It was really the turning point for me.
7 years published.
In 2012, I was persuaded to publish. By the time 2013 Nanowrimo came around, I had a short story out in the world. Then, I tested ebook formatting by publishing a poem book late that same year. I haven’t had a year where I didn’t publish at least twice.
3 years being a serious author.
It was only three years ago when I finally said I can do this. I can put time and effort into my author skills. This can be my career. My life goals basically all switch over to author goals (outside of Mom ones). I know writing isn’t an over night success. I have to consider this a job that takes years to establish. Do I feel as if I’m going slow? Yes. Do I feel as if I’m failing? Sometimes. But I’m not giving up so easily. I can’t.
300+ WIPs.
I have written a lot of stories. Some aren’t complete. Most are first drafts.
Three years ago? I had half that number of stories.
The stuff from a decade ago? Sucks. Completely and utterly sucks.
I’ve learned my second draft should be a rewrite. Some times the third draft should be too. Don’t be afraid of rewrites. It sounds like a lot of time, but if it’s needed, you’d spend more time editing to get the same quality.
20+ stories out in the public.

I have a lot now available to the public. I have novels published. I have a full novella series published. Seven years in the making:

  1. The Secret of Pack 413
  2. The Secret of Preshift
  3. Annabella and Ji
  4. Crown Princess
  5. Beautiful
  6. Cursed Items
  7. Dark Silence
  8. Dragon Rider 6th Grade
  9. Dragon Rider 7th Grade
  10. Missing Royals
  11. First Meeting
  12. Finding the Child (unpublished)
  13. Tsuba Ren
  14. Happy Puppy
  15. The Spoon
  16. Unavoidable
  17. Unbelievable
  18. Unbreakable
  19. Undeniable
  20. Unexpected
  21. Unwanted
  22. Leagende Bonus
  23. Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe
  24. Poem a Day May 2015
  25. Poem a Day May 2018
  26. Year of Poems 2019
I have to look at it as accomplished. I’m not where I started.
Some days I want to unpublished everything. I never thought I’d be an author. I never aimed for it. This wasn’t my plan. But someone needs my book. I can help others by publishing. I can support myself this way even if I’m sick often.
Writing saved me many times.
I wrote as a way to cope with my body being wrong.
I’m gender fluid. The more male I get the more I write.
I’m a sickling. The less energy I have for life, the more I write.
Life is hard. The more chaotic the world is the more I write.
This is my coping mechanism. It will always be.
I had several as I grew up suggest I publish. I don’t know who exactly pushed me the final step. They persuaded me that I can help others cope. I hope I can. My writing is for me. I perfect it for me. Then I let the world have it. Because I’m not the only one it can help.
I love you. All of you. You deserve to be here. You deserve acceptance. Thank you for being you. Thank you for staying with us. Life is hard. Don’t give up just because it’s hard.

Email: cathartliebe@gmail.com I love receiving emails. I accept DMs and messages in all my accounts. Let me hear from you. Let’s talk writing or books or life.

Welcome to Cat Hartliebe’s Blog of Chaos.

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About Cat Hartliebe

A writer. After decades of writing, she publishes. Has no aim to be the next JK Rowling nor William Shakespeare. Just wants to help others. And sometimes all someone really needs is a good book. Hope you find yours.

I love you! Thanks for visiting!

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4 thoughts on “About Cat Hartliebe

  1. Hello. Goodness you’ve been very busy. I’m really impressed. I find a lack of motivation for writing, you seem very passionate about your skill which is a great incentive

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you.
      What do you want to tell the world? Without having some idea, thought, hope to spread, writing becomes more of a challenge.
      I use writing to promote acceptance and equality. Because I need it. And I know others do too.


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