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Recipe: Crepes

I have succeeded! With a small batch of crepes. I’m gonna try doubling it shortly, but wanted people to know it’s possible. Dairy free; soy free; egg free; wheat free. It’s possible. Crepes Ingredients::  .5       cup         oat flour .75     cup         almond milk 1 T + 3T flaxseed and hot water slurry 3        T            oil oil … Continue reading Recipe: Crepes

Dear Supporter,

Dear Supporter, One of the worse things you can ask is “How many words have you written?” “How’s your little story going?” “Can I see it?” without any form of prompting.


Creating pages for my various WIPs is a pain. But it’s done(?)! Check out [All the Books] for more information. Or I can just post everything here: | Cat Hartliebe | Tod Leben | Cyro Hartliebe | Cat Gillette | Published: [Happy Puppy] [Aquarium Visit] [Fall in Love] [First Meeting] [Two Boots; One Date] [Fireworks] … Continue reading Aha!

The First Two

I’m a thirty plus year writer. Shorts were my original story type. I didn’t write plays until almost double digits. I didn’t write a novella/novel until middle school (and it wasn’t finished then). Shorts and poems were my starting point. I needed the big emotions out. I write them. At some point this year I … Continue reading The First Two


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