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The Secret of Pack 413

Book 1 of
Modern Werewolves‘ Crazy Alpha series

The Secret of Pack 413 by Cat Hartliebe;
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Follow Monique Tersay as she becomes friends with several in Pack 413, a secretive group living in a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania.

Especially, her strange attraction to one Victor Freivarg. What’s so special about him anyway?

Minus the fact everyone in the Pack turn out to be hotter than hot by the time they graduate high school.
Most would look at a pack member and drool.

Not Monique. She didn’t surround herself because they could make super models jealous. It was all a weird accident.

Or she thought it was a weird accident.

Why are they so interested in her father’s wolf things? It was just a collection… Right?

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Disclaimer: Even though this book could classify as Young Adult and Paranormal Romance, the series does not. Modern Werewolves is Adult Urban Fantasy. Many of them can fit Paranormal Romance. Some fit Young Adult or New Adult. Not all, though. Series lowest common denominator is Urban Fantasy.

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