WIP: Nelegen (Character)

This character is up for grabs. Let me know if you use them.
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Characters change during write ups. I don’t mind fanfiction or any other use of my works. I consider it lucky to have my work so loved. If you are doing fanfiction or using one of my various characters or plots, let me know. Perhaps I’ll read it. If you do not want the character open after taking it, please let me know. I can remove characters, but they will still be hidden in the internet somewhere. That’s the internet for you. You cannot hide here. And yet you can be completely hidden.


The dragon. He has silver strands down his side, but his skin shades more into purple. He dwells in rocky outcropping in various areas never choosing to settle down into one. His dragon breathe weapon is that of a silver and he has decent control on all levels of fire and cold. The purple shading is from a mixture of different backgrounds, red, blue, black, and gold. He followed his father with the silver hue.

He is not a weakling, although I wouldn’t call him overly strong either. Small for dragons, he could still wallop most. He keeps to himself, though, not wanting to deal with the society mistakes of life. His wings are about twice the side of the dragon mother and father and about half of the average dragon.

He has lived three thousand years plus. He stopped really counting not caring if he made it far enough to be called important. His title is Elder. He may acquire the title of Caregiver if he finishes his term in the Egg Room. He may acquire the title of Silverade if he finishes his tournament rounds. Neither of which does he want to do.

No kids. No significant others. No interest in power fights. No desire to even have a home. No thirst for knowledge. No desire to sleep it away. Wants a purpose, but too lazy to find one that isn’t just a copy of another’s.

There is a story within this character already (all the good characters have one). But they’re not being written currently. if you want to use them, go for it. Let me know.

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