WIP: Glow Twice (Plot)

There is a lot left open in the plot.  It’ll take whoever wants this to make this ‘short note’ into a real story.
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“You glow twice. I mean your chest does. Your first glow happens when you revert from childhood to adult. It’s one big jump changing all of your outsides minus coloration. It causes you to pass out for a time only to wake up a seemingly different person, inside nothing should have changed. Personalities do not differ between before and after.

“At the end of the first glow, you gain a card of yourself. On the card is your name and title of your new skills. Some are normal like Huntsman or Carpenter. Their natural talents are obvious. Others can tap into the very existence of the earth itself. They can use magic in some fashion whether physically or mentally. These people end up running the biggest part of the earth protecting the ‘norms’ from the ‘abnorms’.

“Some rare few switch. Their glow causes them to gain power. They go crazy with the new power and end up being caught and put in prison. They only have one hope, which is why we don’t kill them.

“The glow card has one more important piece of knowledge: the title of your soul mate. That’s it. When a person who has had their glow happens upon their soul mate, they glow again. Although science and experts have proven nothing more happens to the person, but someone who keeps their soul mate at their side are known to be the strongest, greatest, and most powerful.

“Thus being said, the one who leads has three requirements: he or she has to have glowed twice, kept their soul mate, and survived the tournament. They stay on as Leader until the next decade test. The Leader can enter and try to hold his or her title but often they do not win.

“Only one person has survived a second test and no one made it through a third. His name was Rackon Drivesplitter. No one knows why and some say he cheated. But the true reason, and I know because my father was at that test, was because everyone agreed to let him win. He was no dictator and no one within our population suffered while he ruled. By the time he reached the third tournament, he had far too much abuse to survive again even if they helped him.”

You live in this world and you are just a child when you hear this tale by a friend of a friend of a friend. Go.

More open world than plot. But it works as both. Have fun with it. Let me know what you create.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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