WIP: Josh Berbank (Character)

An open character for whatever use whoever thinks of.

I’m not picky. This guy appeared out of no where. He is kinda sorta in Trigger, but even there… It’s similar, not the same.
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Josh Berbank

(Father: Josh Berbank; Mother Georgia Berbank (Fletcher))

He has fourteen different types of guns, adding up to twenty two total. An intelligent person would have a library where he would have his gun room. He keeps paraphilia dealing with guns and military. His father’s will has him getting all of his guns which would bring him to forty nine different types and about a hundred total. He could support a small militia or survive four years with the supplies he has hidden in his room and his father’s.

Josh may not end up with his father’s goods though. It may all go to his sister Cathy, who would sell every gun just like their mother wants. Josh is homophobic, big time. That is because he wants guys. He dreams about them every night and even has a pseudo name to get gay porn. Growing up in the bible belt, though, wanting males is a big no. He has had a few girlfriends, but never did anything with them. After a few weeks he would make them cry and they would leave him alone.

He likes big man sports: hunting, boxing, football, and his favorite: bullfighting. He goes out with the guys hunting every weekend. He lives for those two days out in the wild just the guys. They bathe together and his dreams get completely overloaded. He has to have his own tent set up so he can jerk off to their shadows in peace.

As for appearances, he looks like a lumberjack. He spends hours at the gym and out in the wild because that’s where the guys go. He has a particular desire for one beefy looking guy at is gym. He tries to go every time the guy is there. Gets the juices pumping. But he can’t say anything to anyone.

He spends his time either talking guns, beer, or working out. When girls come up, he just agrees with the others not at all interested in the conversation.

His father expects him to marry within the next decade. Have a kid. He knows it is a requirement of his parents, but he just cannot get himself the will necessary to attempt that. The idea of fucking a girl repulses him. Yet he was trained to be repulsed by males.
No one asks him too many questions when it comes to sexual desires and he always says he likes women. Has to. Guys get shunned when they don’t.

Work? Whatever suits the story

Diet? Healthy, meaty, and chaotic. He has no limits with food and doesn’t care to.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

He clearly has a complicated story, but that doesn’t mean I have the time to write it. Take him off my hands. Go ahead.

Just tell me about it. I wanna hear how he changes for you.

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