WIP: Children of the month

This is an open plot/outline.  There is a lot to be determined by the author.
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I have eleven siblings, each one born in a different month. My name is July and if you couldn’t guess I was born in July. July fifth to be precise. Not that that matters.

My family is an odd one. We own a ton of land and I cannot help but be proud of who my parents are. My mother, one of twelve mothers I have, stands as the leader in the Rose Gardens were the ladies live.

You are confused, right? Of course you are. This seems like fantasy and you never thought a book about July would be fantasy, right? Ha. I wish this was fantasy. My father is also named July. And there is a reason for that. He also has eleven siblings, each named after the month they were born, each by a different mother.

And my grandfather. He was named June. Are you starting to see the picture? That’s right you don’t have the most important detail: none of us have cousins. When the chosen becomes twenty five, the rest of the siblings are neutered or spaded. As if my siblings are nothing besides trash or pets.

Not me, though. July is the most likely to become the next ‘king’ so to speak. I was born healthy and male. I made it into the top of my siblings, so the choice became obvious after a while. As it is my twenty third year, there are a lot of things at stake.

Because unlike most of my siblings, I am different. I am not perfect. And honestly, if they do it correctly, I wouldn’t mind being neutered. Because whether they realize it or not, I’m gay, which makes me the worse choice to become the father of the next twelve.

If you ask me, this entire lunatic tradition should be dismissed. That is the real reason I have yet to tell my parents about my sexual preferences.   I want to end this nonsense. We do not need twelve siblings and no cousins. We do not need twelve mothers.

All I really want for me and my siblings is to become normal. I’ve let several of my siblings know. June, my best friend and sister, keeps the information hidden. For now, my story begins here in my twenty third year when I finally start the path to breaking abnormal tradition.

There’s no way I am getting to this story.

And even if I did, others can take the plot and do something different with it.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

It reminds me of the Dancing Shoes princess story about the sisters who are pulled into a world and dance all night instead of sleep. This may turn into a Reworked book. But not as is.

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