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I tell people I have a lot of books in editing.  So few believe me, I know.  It’s not like I’ve been writing my entire life.  <I have been writing my entire life, I just didn’t save most of the stuff before middle school minus a few poems.  Still that’s over a decade worth of stuff.>Now, I have a bunch of stories in first draft.  We’ll ignore those.  They don’t matter until they’re done.  I’ll show you my finished works that I hope one day to publish.  So I’ll also be ignoring those I will not ever publish <Yes, I do have a few.>

If you so happen to want to look at any of these works, ask. 

It’s a long list.  It’ll get longer before it gets shorter, I think.  Kinda like a to be read list.

Novels:  (50k words or more)

  1. Love or Die
  2. Dove
  3. Kura, Life Elf
  4. The Dragon’s Quest for Hopper
  5. A Test of Power
  6. Teen Test Train
  7. Organization Mission One
  8. Organization Mission Two
  9. Organization Mission Three
  10. The Lady
  11. The Truth in Blood
  12. The New Merlin
  13. Forgotten Past
  14. The Truth of Age
  15. A Fire: Born and Bred
  16. The Secret of Pack 413
  17. The Secret of Preshift
  18. Alpha’s Guard
  19. Alpha Protector
  20. Dragon Rider, 6th Grade
  21. Dragon Rider, 7th Grade
  22. Dragon Rider, 8th Grade
  23. Dragon Rider, 9th Grade
  24. Dragon Rider, 10th Grade
  25. Dragon Rider, 11th Grade
  26. Amenda: Fleeing Home
  27. Amenda: Seeking Home

Novellas (15k words to 50k words)

  1. Half Breed: Demi
  2. The Truth in Canada
  3. Returning Home
  4. Undeniable
  5. Unbreakable
  6. Alpha’s Concern
  7. The Truth of Family
  8. The Truth in the Future
  9. Head of Hart
  10. The Truth with Life
  11. Demons
  12. Skill Less
  13. The Missing Noble
  14. Brazilian Blue
  15. Double Mage
  16. Single Mother Elf
  17. Arissa
  18. Saving Neroz and Moe
  19. Cat Becomes Mother
  20. Davu, Half Prince
  21. The Truth as Alpha
  22. Werecat: Shifting Values
  23. Missing Royals
  24. Corinthanna and Darthcannonaire
  25. The Bet
  26. Alpha Successor
  27. The Secret of Luna
  28. Digi Fix
  29. Adventure Worthy
  30. Princess Bree, Princess Serena, Princess Samantha

Shorts (less than 15k words including series of shorts)

  1. Low Level Demons: Entrance to the Demon World
  2. Religious Alpha and Others
  3. The Beta Blood
  4. Alpha’s Mistrusted
  5. The Truth of Hope
  6. The Truth for Humans
  7. Cursed Items Series <First published.  Three more in edits.>
  8. Snow White Reworked
  9. The Truth of Youth
  10. Father Knows Best
  11. Marriage First
  12. The Tersay Trouble
  13. The Truth Between
  14. Angelic Outcasts
  15. Antimony
  16. Dragon Fruit
  17. Lost in a Fire
  18. Goblin Bomber
  19. The Creature of Lake Pam
  20. The Cubs Reunite
  21. Innocent Friend
  22. The Hanlon Key
  23. Step, Crunch
  24. Team Rodrick
  25. Healing Princess
  26. PB&J

If I counted right that’s eighty three titles looking for edits from me.  It’s overwhelming to say the least.  I prefer working on the first drafts I’ve started especially for a series like Dragon Rider which has one book to be complete, Organization which I think will reach a seven mission, or Amenda where there is one more in the trilogy.

My work as an author will never be complete at this rate.

[Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

This list is outdated by a lot.

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