Every year since 2013 I have published twice, mostly ebooks.  I have not published a full novel although I have several waiting in edits.
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I am looking at next year’s options for publishing.  None of them are close to being published.  Edits will take forever on the novels, so will this push me to publish a couple of shorts?  Should I just take it easy and publish the shorter works?

I love to write.  More than anything, writing is my favorite.  Editing is more like pulling teeth <which I just had happen>.  Still, I cannot show off my unedited stories.  That’s foolish.  The first draft anymore is decent, but I know there are mistakes.  Even now, I know my published works have mistakes.  It’s disappointing.

My options are either to push hard on edits, choose easy stories to publish, or not publish until the end of the year.  No idea what would be the best option.

For now I’m going to focus on a novella that is titled but not with a real title <Single Mother Elf wouldn’t sell anything>, and my novel I wrote in Nano 2015 Love or Die.  I don’t know whether this will be the case next year, but I will try for something.  I have a lot of work I can edit and publish.  I could finish no more stories and still have work to publish for years and years.  I counted it up before at something like 150 works.  That’s a lot.  At two a year I’ll take forever.  But I’ll keep going even without an audience.

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