SS: Sally’s Holiday

Poem or short, I’m not sure which.

Sally’s Holiday

Sally has sixteen reasons not to celebrate this year.
Her grandma died on the twentieth; midterms happen right after break; six papers are due on the first; her job requires her to work.

Sally finds her self excited even though life is making things difficult.
Her parents divorced and seek her holiday time; the flu is visiting; her dog ran away during the week; a car ran over her cat during the last.

Sally gave herself no time to ready, but ready she must.  She’ll wait up this year on purpose.
Not for her boyfriend or girlfriend, he left Sally for her, nor for Santa, since she doesn’t believe; no presents will be under her tree.

Sally waits for her first best friend and favorite ally: the twin sister who left for the military.
The increase rent and gas prices must be ignored, forgo the impending bills, forget the annoying neighbors.

Sally’s sister is back.  Holidays can start.  Celebration’s a must.

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