Asexual (WIP: Trigger)

My writing leans toward romance.  It’s wishful of me to look for something I’ll never find myself.  I love romance.  I love falling in love.  I love being in love.  I love being able to trust and lean on someone.

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So why is it I’ve written so many asexuals?

Just because I do not press sex scenes everywhere, does not mean they don’t exist.  In Tsuba Ren, sex is something that is brought up several times in various ways.  Laurel struggles with it.  Mostly because her first experience of that nature is marked as rape.

Then I go for a more in depth view of my sexualities.  I have many different types.  Some raging hormone induced sex crazed people.  Some who lean on meh I could go either way, which would be labeled more of a demi.  Then I have some who aren’t interested at all and some who would rather bite off their arm than go to bed with another.  I have some who are interested in males, females, oddities, either gender, or just don’t care about gender.  It’s a large world and my characters come with a wide array of interests.

So I notice further.  I do not have a clear cut open about it female who does not want sex.  How did I do that?  I mean, there are several characters who are female and probably have no interest, but I never bring it up.  Somehow the only ones who are bluntly clear on their asexual nature are male in my stories.

I’m confused by this.  Why do I not have an asexual female who is open?  Could it be most of my stories have a strong issue with patriarchal societies?  For a female who does not follow the normal route of accepting their highly sexualized nature is against societal beliefs I wouldn’t want to have…?

I cannot force a character to be asexual.  That’s against code for making characters, but I could build up a character around my desires for a female asexual.  I think she should be a detective as well, since those are rarities for many reasons.  This would force me to confront my lack of mysteries as well as my lack of asexual females.

So let’s start on creating this character.  Let’s make her name be Daisy.  Daisy “Trigger” Lee.  After a few years in the military as a sharpshooter, she moved to … and became a cop.  It was easy for her to use her sharp mind and sharp skills to raise in the ranks.  She may very well be the first female detective who people look up to in ….  No one would call her beyond gorgeous, but she is still in shape and gets eyed like candy far too often.  No one suggests anything to her face, or even to her back if she is capable of finding out.  She’s more than just a Trigger with her gun.  She’s a Trigger any time a guy thinks he can prove himself with her.  No, she has no desire for a male.  Nor a female.  The town knows.

The new guy, though, who came in for …. doesn’t.  Between him entering town for his lack-a-daisy reasons and the three new murders in town, Daisy has her plate full.  She never stepped down from battle just because it looked difficult.

And for once, Daisy will not be turned by the guy entering.  No, the guy entering is going to learn no really does mean no.


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This is my legit I’m creating a story way of planning. I basically got a blurb out of the initial attempt. I didn’t know who the killer was only that they existed. I had to research for this since I lack knowledge in guns, laws, and hunting which are her top fields. We’re very different people.

This is expected of a pantser to start a story with this amount of planning behind them. That’s it. I fit it in two paragraphs. My plots aren’t long and contain enough story for something to really be built.

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