WIP: Trigger / Daisy “Trigger” Lee posts

Now I think the story is awesome.  It may seem lame to you.  First draft.  annoying characters.  can’t relate to the mc at all.  *shrug*  that’s ok.  I’m gonna struggle to relate to her too.

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Since I started plotting and creating this story on here, I thought maybe I should post the entire story in installments on here.  Would anyone like that?

I can do whatever I want.  Including post random stories on here.  Or I could just use Wattpad.  Probably a bit safer for my copyrights and all.  So I ask of you all, should I post here or Wattpad?

I already have 5k down on this story.  It’s a slow start and will be a bit troublesome as we go through certain areas.  I’ve had to do some quick searches just to get a grasp on things I have no clue on.  And I’ll make mistakes.  But that’s human.  That’s normal.  And you guys get to see my mistakes.

First drafts are there to prove a story can be written.  It allows a writer to see the mess of plot lines in their head turn into some sort of cohesive mesh.  I’ve done it before.  I’ll do it again.  Shall I show you my messy first draft from day one?  Or shall I post elsewhere.  Not someplace you can’t reach, but some place that takes a little more effort to reach.

If no one answers either here or on my facebook post, I’ll go with Wattpad.  It’s a site for stories.  Either way Trigger is going up for free quite soon.  At least chapter one will be.  😀

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Wattpad stories are all down and not going back up.
If requested, I’ll post the story as it goes here. It would get me working on it again. I love Trigger, but she’s a tough cookie that I don’t match.

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