Modern Werewolves

I created my first story in this long series back in 2012.  I finished the first draft of the first story in 2013. 
[About Cat Hartliebe] [Modern Werewolves]

It was slow because my first thought about the story was a werecat stuck in a werewolf pack.  This story is now called The Secret of Preshift.  Kitty was given that name in my first draft because of the fact I was planning on making her a werecat.

Those are the types of secrets no one but the author knows. This series has made me cry, laugh, and find joy while rereading them.

My Modern Werewolves as I call them fall into series of five books.  And there is four complete series.

Series:: Crazy Alphas
Dedicated: This series is dedicated to the only true mated pair I know, even if one died: Dorothy Bowers and William Bowers. She gave me the story background needed to prove true mates can exist.
1 The Secret of Pack 413
2 The Secret of Tersey (Short)
3 The Secret of Preshift:
4 The Secret of Bloods: (Short)
5 The Secret of Luna:

Series:: Crazy Town
Dedicated: To my brother who is constantly asking when’s the next story done? Can I read it?
6 Alpha Protector:
7 Alpha Successor:
8 Alpha’s Guard:
9 Alpha’s Mistrusted: (Short)
10 Alpha’s Concern:

Series:: Crazy Sheep
Dedicated: To everyone who deals with crazy.
11 The Truth in Blood
12 13The Truth of Family (x2)
14 The Truth for Humans (Short)
15 The Truth in Canada
16 The Truth Between (Short)

Series: Crazy Sheeple
Dedicated: To those of you who can tell the difference between sheep and sheeple.  As a sheep, one follows without thought.  A sheeple, though, follows but thinks they  isn’t.
17 The Truth with Life
18 The Truth of Youth (Short)
19 The Truth as Alpha
20 The Truth in the Future
21 The Truth of Hope

Series:: Crazy Known
Dedicated to the free and those fighting to become free
22 Forgotten Past

That’s a lot of stories.  Now the shorts may or may not have a true mate as the center focus on the plot, but the rest are all paranormal romance main plot.  The goal of each is to find the true mate and be with the true mate.  Now there are several series arcs, which is why things are cut the way they are.  And the dedications say minor themes covered in each as well.  It’s all sorts of wrap around.

By the time you finish the third series you find the real villain of the entire series: Save Our Sheep.  It’s a weird group of people who seek wolves, but hate themselves for it, so do everything they can to destroy werewolves and their culture.  I still have them in Crazy Known.

For now, I am writing story 23.  I don’t have a title yet, but I do have a interesting plot line.  Things are changing for my wolves.  And Crazy Known is going to point out all the changes.

Questions, comments or just wanna beta read for me, ask.  I may not respond immediately, but I do respond.  And talking about my wolves is always a good topic for me.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Modern Werewolves]

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