Mission Four

<Ten Days First Draft>

I started Mission four of the Organization on February fourth. 
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I finished it last night.  The first draft is over fifty thousand words.  It’s currently posted on Wattpad in five parts.  I’ll fix it before getting Mission five started on there.

I’ve been writing it for the sake of my brother.  He is my only reader for most of my stories.  No one seems overly interested in my stories.  Whatever, your loss.  But he has been keeping up on it and begging me to continue.  So I tortured him with the ending of Mission Four.  I left it as a cliffhanger.  mwahahaha.

I’m not a cliffhanger type of writer.  Not really.  I prefer a clear beginning and clear ending.  It leaves you complete and content to an extent.  But this time I may have to reset where the end is.  Because normally my missions end when I reach base.  They don’t in four.  The end is when they have a new beginning.  So how should i end to leave my feeling of contentment?  I don’t know.

Not to mention I brought in one of the heavy hitters: Arondi Lacey.  If you’ve been reading from the first mission, you find out how important this character is.  My main character thinks she is weaker than the man who is a pivotal piece to the entire book.  She is completely wrong.  She’s just still far less experienced than he is.

Now to continue writing.  Mission five has already been started.  A thousand plus words in.  Things are getting fun.  You hear about an important future character in the first thousand: Mai Chachio.  She’s isn’t well rounded yet, but she’ll be fun to round out.  Fourteen years old and already amazing.

Don’t be afraid to make comments on Wattpad or here.  I like critiques even if they don’t come with positives.  No blatant insults, though.  Insults are ignored.  I may not be the best writer in the world, but I am not your punching bag.

Wattpad no longer has any of my stories. They have all been removed.

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