WIP: Cursed Twin Royals (Open Plot)

Honestly I don’t even know what to say about the insanity of this dream.  I do like dragons and princesses and romance.  And curses and magic and witches.  You know, this might be considered a normal dream for me then.

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Twin prince/princess.  A witch cursed the twins.  The prince with mediocre.  The princess, since the mediocre spell couldn’t work on someone that strong magically, would be a cat any time she’s within a mile of her brother.

This left the princess to not be raised by her parents but by a witch.  Any time her brother would visit, he would find a black cat instead of a sister.

This story is about the sister.

The princess has a lot of random magic about her.  One of which is when she grows old enough she’ll transform to match her true love.  She never really thought anything of such a ‘curse’ as she called it.  She turns into a cat and can do so at a whim’s notice besides the required any time her brother’s around.

Her ‘true love’ is a dragon and comes to visit the witch with his friend after one particularly bad fight with a knight.  While the dragons stayed, the princess felt much safer as a cat.  The dragons did not use any form where the princess could chat anyway.  They stayed in the witch’s warm backyard healing up before leaving.

She notices the change during their visit.  She could force the cat form, but it seems her body prefers being a dragon now.  The princess hid in her rooms as the dragons left in fear the magic will become known and used against her.

Few in the royal world didn’t know about the princess, but no one knew how to find her.  It is said the first prince who finds the princess has the chance to capture her and bring her into the royal world.

Princess didn’t like being captured, so ended up toasting anyone who would come save her.  After her home with the witch being well known, she heads off to another hiding place with her knowledge of witchcraft well placed inside her.

She finds out her brother was cursed a second time.  Her would look as if his twin until saved by the most daring.  The princess thought a saving was in order.  She would know where he is kept because of the spell.  All she had to do was push against the magic of the shift and she’ll be pushed away from her brother leaving her with the correct direction to go every time.

As the mile approached, the princess finds herself switching into the dragon form she was terrified was inside her.  Trying her best to ignore it, she travelled as the spell suggested and came upon a tower where a princess’s song could be heard for quite some distance.

The real problem being the princess knew that would be her brother, a prince.  A prince marked with mediocre.  Given her form shifted, she could fly to the window in the tower and save her brother so easily.  Given she’s used to curses, she’s well aware that probably wouldn’t be enough.

She sits at the bottom unable to verbalize with her brother.  She’ll need someone else’s help.  Who and how do you get someone to help you save your brother?

After a short flight about the tower area, she notices a nearby volcano active and far too close to her brother’s tower for her liking.  She lands on the edge and looks in at the bubbling lava.  At least her brother wasn’t placed on a castle at the center.

The dragon from before lands opposite her on the caldera.  The voice in her head explains how dragons can communicate without a voice box.  She explains of her cursed brother in the tower and the dragon seems to already know.  He’s protecting the princess.  She goes about explaining it is not a princess, he is a prince.  She is the princess.

The dragon seems confused given she isn’t a dragon princess and is most definitely a dragon.  She goes about explaining her curses.  And her brother’s curses.  And soon she is placed before his friend, prince of dragons.  All the princess could think was the royal chambers were hot.  Another long explanation and she finds nothing of interest in any of the occupants of the room.

The princess decides this tower curse is stupid.  She can easily take her brother out of there.  So she does letting him ride her for some distance.  But neither of the twins look right and traveling around gave everyone a scare.

A princess riding a dragon doesn’t make sense after all.  After some travels the dragon prince intervenes.  He fights the princess for her brother.  And given the princess has the curse active from being near her brother doesn’t win against the dragon prince.  Since the brother twin was saved by a prince, he reverts back to his normal every day safe albeit in a dress.  The dragon prince questions this then lets the brother go recognizing the princess’s story as true.

But there was no add on about breaking the princess’s many curses.  With the brother’s curse broken the princess returns her brother to her kingdom.  The dragon prince travels with them as well, but not to help.

The trip has them realizing the kingdom is flooded with fakes.  Fake princess twin.  Fake prince twin.  No one has managed to persuade the royals and court.  So when the twins actually walk up to the castle, it is the dragon prince that gives them allowance to enter.

The princess walks around as a dragon looking at her family home she could never enjoy.  It was as a cat as a child.  Perhaps it’s time to start her own witch house.  The dragon prince finds her as she travels at random.  It seems the prince was well received, but didn’t believe who the princess was.

Once done with the returning of the prince, the dragon prince and the princess head out.  The dragon prince questions her recalling the event at the witch’s house since that was where the princess traveled.  She could only explain it was her.  As they leave the area where her brother lies, she is able to shift into her birth form.  She stretches glad to have the ability to shift again at her whim not the curses.

The dragon prince stays mute for the rest of the journey to the witch’s cottage, but does not leave the princess alone.  At the witch’s home everything is tied up where the final of the curses are explained.  As long as the princess is a princess of the kingdom, her curses will affect her.  All minus the true love curse, since it’s called a blessing.  That can be broken by a complete refusal of her true love.

The princess has no way then to save herself.

Want it? Got caught? Take it and run.

Just let me know about it. I’d love to hear the story.

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