Attempts to Publish 2017

undeniable 2

So after spending about two hours on formatting <Probably more, but who’s counting?>, I have both Undeniable and Unbreakable set up in 6×9 for review. 

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This will hopefully be Undeniable’s final review.  This will be Unbreakable’s first print review. 

unbreakable 5

Now that I am settled on a cover for Unbreakable and have done a few run-throughs with edits, it’s time.  I don’t know how marked it will become.  Considering how wonderful I am with computer edits, I’d say heavily marked. 

Wish me luck getting both closer to published.  You’ll see Undeniable published this year.  Maybe if you’re lucky, Unbreakable will be published as well.  I am writing Unbelievable and Unavoidable.  I still have several plot points that make that slow.

As for other publishing options I am leaning on.  I’ve worked on Single Mother Elf earlier this year and come to a sort of blockade.  I don’t know if I’ll process the block fast enough to get it published this year.  Other than that I’ve dragged Hart Family in front of a few beta readers.  It needs work, but no one has said anything about a black hole in the plot, so it’s possible.  <If you wanna beta read for any of the above let me know.>

dove cover 1

I wish I could work on Dove, but its too overwhelming for right now.  Same with several others.  Like The New Merlin, Love or Die, A Fire: Born and Bred, the series Dragon Rider, and the series Organization.  I want to press those into published works of art.  Really, I’m waiting for more of a notice by people before working them into something worthwhile.  The ones I listed are full novels.  They are my babies.  The two series are on wattpad, but aren’t edited.

Publishing is easy for me.  Formatting and getting things pretty enough is the easy part.  Making a cover, not so much <I’ve made all my covers so far>.  Editing the stories to a point of quality is also not fun or easy.  Formatting is not hard when compared to edits.

Ugh… edits…  I’m gonna go write something to cool my head before diving into edits again.

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