Getting Back to Business

Not really.  I don’t have a business, even if I wish I could manage Allergen Friendly Cafe and Books.  I would need a lot of money and time to pull off such a desire.  Maybe in the future.  What I mean is I’m working on publishing my first novel length book. 

Seems like just yesterday I got my first book published.  Now I’ve had novellas and short stories available to the masses.  Technically, Wattpad has many of my novels up, but that’s not the same.

My first novel published will be The Secret of Pack 413.  It begins my werewolves.  Modern werewolves has a lot of words written.  So many in fact, I’ve split it into several different series groups.  Although there is a plot arc for the entire wolf series, each series group has a connection as well.  Then within each story is a pairing between the main character and their true mate.

The first story is about Monique.  She loves wolves and would even dream of having a werewolf for a boyfriend, if such a thing as possible. Then she finds out they’re real.  A whole host of new problems comes up with the new knowledge.  But nothing will have her turn from her new found true mate.  She was crushing on him anyway before he showed off werewolves are real.  That’s pretty common among the stories.

This first series of Modern Werewolves includes: The Secret of Pack 413, The Secret of Preshift, and The Secret of Luna.  Monique, Kitty, and Beth, these main characters are pretty common names and characters in future books.  Especially Monique and Kitty.  Those two end up the back bone to many of the stories.  My strong ladies will figure out their problems and then jump to help the next in need.  I love my werewolves.

I am planning on getting Monique’s story up to the world before Lunar New Year.  We’re going into the year of the dog.  That sounds like a perfect time to start off my werewolves.  I have a week and a half to accomplish it.  Wish me luck!

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