To Publish or Not to Publish? Modern Werewolves Book 2

Guess what?  I’ve been rereading my book two draft.  [Modern Werewolves] [About Cat Hartliebe]

I’m all excited!  It’s amazing!  I could totally publish this and have people fawn.  The story’s great.  I fixed everything up from the first draft. <Don’t tell me that didn’t suck; it so did.>

But…  I probably shouldn’t.  I should probably edit it a few more times before publishing.  I’m down to line edits, now.  This is the stuff easy for a reader to skip over.  But it’s also the stuff that really packs the punch needed to get a 5 star rating.  <I wonder what it would feel like to get a five star rating…>

the secret of preshift

Then again, my cover sucks.  I made it using Gimp.  It’s cool in a simple sort of way, I guess.  <It’s lame.  I know that.>

Plus, I have published three times already this year: Monique’s story for Modern Werewolves; the newest Leagende’s story with Adain; and Poem a Day May 2018.  I like publishing a few times.  If I publish this story now, I need to get book three published next year.  I totally could.  It’s not that I can’t.  But it’s a bigger push than I was figuring.  I thought I’d have the entire year to get Beth’s story up to perfection.

The secret of luna

Should I really be aiming for perfection?  Can I?  It’s not possible to reach perfection.  I just want it good enough that a normal reader would think “Five stars; I can’t wait to read it again” or “I love reading this, when’s book four coming out?”

Maybe I’m just too sick to notice all the flaws in my writing.  I’m going with that.  Sickness makes it harder to spot failures.

If you want me to publish book two this year <and aim for double publishing until I catch up to my current standing>, give me a shout out.

There are currently 32 stories in Modern Werewolves.  Most are on Wattpad as first drafts.  A lot will change.  Only book one really had a comparable set up. (Wattpad has been cleared.)

I can publish this year instead of next year.  I will if I get enough comments asking me to.  I already have one begging, but he begs for all of them all the time.

I have 32 stories done.  The next two are already planned out.  This series will never finish.  Publishing one or two a year won’t catch me up.  I’ve written four first drafts in a year before.  I cannot edit that fast!  <Or maybe I can…  I’ve done more than four edits this year…>

[Modern Werewolves] [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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