SS: The Secret of Taino (Modern Werewolves)

So as if nanowrimo doesn’t matter at all, my midnight wake up on November 1st was to write the first story for Modern Werewolves. [About Cat Hartliebe

Except it’s not modern at all.  We’re going back to North America where English isn’t well known.  Where natives are far more common.  Where the first white pack has taken root: Green Ridge.  Just like the rest of the typical first settlers here it’s all refugees.  It’s not surprising at all they accept Decoroso and Rodolfo.

Also this means the gay beta pair is older than Green Ridge Pack.

Have fun reading.  If you want more options within Modern Werewolves click the link at the top of the website.  Modern Werewolves

The Secret of True Mates

^Where will we go?^  Rodolfo has an uneasy tone to his voice.  We’re both wolves.  Our short hair is probably seen as a touch weird on the mainland.  But fleeing Taino Pack was required.  ^This is why I said we should keep our relationship a secret.  Why’d you tell everyone?^

^I want kids, but not that way.^  So I refused to gain her mark.  I denied the mating ritual.  The only one I want to be with is with me.

^How are you going to have children without a female mate?^  His words are soft and concerning.  We’re mates now.  We weren’t then.  It was required the moment we turned rogue. Or talking by mindlinks would be impossible.  Or even really living.  The fact we’re forever mates means we can survive for a while without a pack.  Pack is still an inner need.

^Let’s focus on finding a home first.  We can figure out children another time.^

^There’s nothing to figure out.  We cannot have children.  We’ve had tons of sex.  We’re both male.  It doesn’t work like that.  You need a female mate.^

^Stop pushing me away.^

Rodolfo whimpers stopping our movement.  He paws the ground.  ^We’re betas.  We’ll never be called betas, though.  You’re a right hand beta.  A leader.  And you accept handing that over?  For what?^

^For you.^

^I’m not worth it.^  Rodolfo hides his head with his paws.  ^You give up everything for me?  That’s foolish and stupid and…^

^You’d be crying as a human.  It’s easy to make you cry.^

Rodolfo slams into my side.  I’m the stronger fighter wolf.  This slam is a good trick.  It would create trouble for most wolves, but not me.  I’m meant to be right hand of an alpha.  I handed that over.  They would never have accepted me because I want to be with Rodolfo.  His my choosen mate.  I need a pack where I can be accepted while still having my choosen mate.

^Where are we?  Where can we go?^

^Because I’m a right hand, I can handle being outside of a pack longer.  You need a pack and the title far more than me.^  I nod.  ^I’ll be the female beta where ever we go.^

^You’re better at everything than me.^

^Your skills aren’t figured out yet.  We don’t know what strengths you have.^  I lick his face.  We need to move on. We’ve been travelling several weeks now.  Rodolfo has been breaking down faster.  He needs pack.  ^Although the fact you picked up different languages helps.^  He’s good at it too.  He’s a quick study.  Perhaps if he is taught to read and write we’d see a huge increase in his benefit.

“Hey, guys!”  It’s one of the fancy white settlers.  Looks like a fur hunter.  Uses French.  Rodolfo has already mastered Spanish.  French hasn’t been as easy.  It sounds so similar and so different at the same time.  The white waves over a few friends.  They really look like a bunch of fur traders.  The hunting group.  I glance at Rodolfo where we’re hunkered down.  Fur traders would like the beaver in this area.

Their quick French goes over my head.  I know he greeted and called them over.  That’s it.  It annoys me.  Could these hunters aim those nasty long snout things at us again?  Getting the round balls out of our bodies has been a challenge.  My kills have easily doubled since we left and I was number one out of the beta bloods.  Hell, I was surpassing a count higher than several named betas.  Only the top three were higher.  Now I’m at twice that.  There might not be a beta in pack with more now.

^They’re werewolves.^  Rodolfo glances to me.  So he has picked up on French.  ^And knows we are too.^

^Oh… Shit.^  I look for an exit.  ^Flee?^

^You said any packed wolf would be acceptable to ask for help.  The whites may accept us.  You don’t know.  It’s a recent pack.^

^New packs are weak.^

^And need titled assistence.  Or help from nearby wolves.  Let’s help them.^  He nods shifting to talk.  And he seriously talks.  In French.  It goes way over my head.  I’m going to have to learn French.  ^Shift.^  It’s a command for me.  He knows commands don’t work.

Still… If we have a chance at being accepted, I need to prove myself.  I sigh letting my human side back up.  It’s been a while.  “What now?”  I crack my neck looking over the hunting party.  All omegas.  If I focused, I would probably say wolves.

“This pack is all refugees.  Europe isn’t as great a place as some would believe.”  Rodolfo grins.  “We’re going to help them.”

“Europe?  As a whole?”

“Yup.  Alpha is English.  He collected strays all around Europe and came here.  Over the last few years even more has arrived.  We’ll be the first North American wolves, though.”  Rodolfo has us walking in the direction of this new pack.

^Alpha.^  He shouldn’t notice I’m doing this before we joined.  We’re joining, but where will we stand?

The alpha sends over a question, although I cannot say what the words mean only it’s a question.  He probably knows many European languages.  I can butcher Spanish now.

So I try in Spanish.  ^Do you have need for new betas?^

^I do not.  My brother and friend are both betas.^  It sounds formal.  Great we both struggle with Spanish.  Rodolfo will be easy for them to speak with.  ^But I could always accept more wolves.  Are you looking for mates?^

I look to Rodolfo.  He’s chatting nicely with the party.  In French.  And he thinks I’m better at everything.  I have no idea what they’re saying.  ^We are mates.  In every sense of the word.  We seek no other.^

^I cannot have a beta pair be male-male.  Each pairing must manage to have children.^  He seems saddened over it.  As if the rule seems silly.  Pack probably requires it.  ^Although I know exactly how you feel.^  He shows off another alpha.  The image in my head shocks me.  ^Some wolves just don’t get lucky.^


^Exactly.  Once my luna finds herself a proper alpha mate I can be with the one I want.  He’s here in pack.  But to be with him, I must step down.  You’ll see us together occasionally.^  He seems excited over the idea.

^You’ll step down?^  That’s abnormal.  The successor is supposed to kill the alpha to earn title.  He’ll step down.  He’ll hand his alpha title over without battle.

^I hope it teaches my son that battling is not always required.^  Another image.  There’s a successor.  Although this tyke is barely three.  ^Luna and I have no interest, but were caught in the ritual’s sex.  It’s easy to get caught.  And I’m glad he happened.  But it’s been a never repeat sort of thing.^  He seems calm over everything.

I nod looking to Rodolfo.  ^We may never be betas here, but at least we can be ourselves.^

^It’s one of the first white packs.^  Rodolfo reaches out to grab my hand.  I spot a few smiles over that.  It reminds them of their alpha.  ^We’ll all be refugees.^

“We’ll need to let the others seeking a place to know we found one.”  This hasn’t been our first wolf meeting.  Just the first one that left us joining a pack.  “We may be the first North American wolves entering, but we won’t be the only ones for long.”  I smirk at him.  It has Rodolfo kissing my cheek.  ^I fully accept this new pack, Rodolfo.  I fully accept not having beta title.  I fully accept fleeing home and our known life for you.  I picked you.  The pack wouldn’t matter as long as they let me keep you.^

The others are ahead of us.  I pause trapping Rodolfo from easily following.  With them out of direct line of sight, I pull my mate to me for a real kiss.  I need a real kiss.  I need to know he’s with me.  Having him sink into our connection is memorizing.  I need this.  I need him.  I don’t need title or position or consideration.  I need him.

^You need to be fully accepted, right hand.^  Alpha knows about that.  ^Don’t just have sex in the woods.^

I pull back blinking at my mate.  Rodolfo is a mixture between lust and confusion.  How often have I seen those two mixed on his face?  “Alpha says we need to be fully accepted before having sex in the woods.”  Rodolfo nods tugging me onward.

^We will need to build ourselves a home.^

^If packhouse is open, we can join them.  If not, I’ll gladly build a home with you.^  He wants packhouse?  I exhale.  Titles live in packhouse.  It’s where we belong.  We grew up in rooms next to each other.  It became so easy to fall into a relationship because of that.  ^I know we cannot be betas.  But I still want to help.  I don’t need pack calling me beta.  I just need a way to help pack.^

^So you want to act as beta without the title?^

Rodolfo pauses in thought.  Partly because we reached the village like grounds of pack.  It’s a pretty spot.  Small meadow breaking two forests up.  ^I’m a wolf.  We can shift whenever.^  He glances to me as we walk to the multi-room building known as packhouse.  ^You can midform.  Our wolves are better than average.  That’s title.  I don’t need anyone calling me beta, but I do wish to use my added abilities for pack.^

I squeeze his hand as we are ushered into the main room of packhouse.  I exhale looking at the place.  Alpha and Luna are white.  Like the rest of pack.  European refugees.  I’m claiming myself as the female, which means Rodolfo needs to talk.  I watch Alpha.  He understands.  He knows we’re a pair.  We’re denying title for the sake of being together.  A titled pair must be able to have children.  So unless I somehow acquire a child, we cannot be called a beta pair.  That’s okay.  I can say I’m with Rodolfo.  If I can be with my forever mate, I’ll hand anything over.

“Welcome to pack.”  Alpha says motioning to the village they have.  I feel the attachment with his words.  Several words of welcome hit us too.  Many languages all saying the same thing.  We accept you.  We allow to be here.

I sink to my knees knowing tears roll down my cheeks.  I was acting tough.  Acting like pack wasn’t needed.  Pack was needed.  But only if pack accepted us as a mated pair.  I can forgive title.  I cannot deny my mate.  I cover my face trying not to show off to the entire pack I’m crying.  I’m a mass murderer.  I’m a midformer.  I don’t cry.

“He’s not typically like this.”  Rodolfo says that in French, but gives me an overlay in a language I understand.  He’s going to teach me French.  And English.  And German.  I know that one wolf spoke German.  “Do you wish we show off?  Or really, Decoroso needs to show off.  We’re young as titles go.”

“I’m the female.”  I shake my head looking at them.  “Only the male shows off.”

“But you have midform down.”  Rodolfo gape at me.  “You need to be…”

“I’m the female.  I said that.”  I look to Alpha and Luna.  “I claim female in this relationship.  If anyone gains Beta title it will be my mate.”

“If you manage to gain a child, you can manage to gain the title.”  Alpha nods to us.  “All wolves get in the ring in this country though.”

I pause looking him over.  “Um… No?”

“When you are fleeing for your life as we have, gender doesn’t matter.  Everyone can fight.  Everyone does fight.”  Alpha stands up.  “I would like to see your skills.  We must decide which group you fall into: Defense, Distance, or Data.”

I’m quick to wipe my tears away and follow Alpha walking outside.  “I’m Defense.  He’s Data.”

“Prove it.”  Alpha motions to the ring.  Several of the fighter types are there.  Plus a beta.  “Paul, don’t go easy on them.  They literally have no interest for anyone.  It’s true mates.”

The beta nods looking to his collection.  “Here that?  Betcha, they wouldn’t mind being offered death then, so don’t feel bad about taking them on.”  He nods looking us over.  He spots my glint.  I know he does.  “Or…”  He pauses looking back at Alpha.  “He mid forms?”  Alpha shrugs walking back into the packhouse.  Must be busy.  Paul reviews me.  “Show it off.”

Midform is really the true werewolf.  The most dangerous form where we have the power and skill of both human and wolf at the same time.  I gulp slipping into it.  It settles around me as I look to Rodolfo.  He exhales and slips into the form as well.  He finally has it.  ^You are the perfect mate, Rodolfo.^

“Okay…  So you can’t take on my fighters like that.”  Paul scratches his chin.  “We’ll battle later.  No mid form during battle.  Do I need to command that?”  He’ll draw in Alpha.  I hear the command go through my head.  Yup.  No midforming in battle practice with omegas.  I smirk flexing my hands.  I don’t need midform to handle this group.  Rodolfo would struggle because he’s only been battling a few years.  I was taking down human omegas since I was twelve.  I smirk.  If females are allowed to battle, I’m still getting into the ring.

This pack sounds perfect.  We’re accepted as mates and we can both still battle.  ^Alpha… What’s the name of our pack?^

^Green Ridge.^  He answers.  ^Like it?^

^Love it.  Thanks for fully accepting us.^

^I’m accepting you.  Not fully.  You cannot be called betas.  Not without proving you can have a child.  Although if you randomly happen to find a wolf child walking the woods…^  He leaves it open. My heart speeds at the very idea.  It doesn’t deny my abilities fighting.  Alpha would allow me to have a child.  I just have to find one first.  And if we acquire a child, we can acquire the beta title.  This is the best pack ever.

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