At this point, November of 2018, I have 9 print books. 
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I have twelve published books total, three only in ebooks because they are shorts.  My first print was done just over three years ago.  I was proud of myself.  Two years prior, I started publishing in ebook format.  It has only been five years and I have published twelve books.

Every year, I published at least two since I started.  It’s been something I pressed myself to do.  Because I needed to.  Ever since I was little, I was questioned about becoming an author.  Most cannot say their high school English teacher pushed them toward writing.  If I was not so defiant, I probably would have become an author far earlier than I did.

Next year, I will aim for at least three: Unbelievable; The Secret of Preshift; and The Secret of Luna.  I may press for Unavoidable and Poem a Day May 2019.  There is no guarantee I will get The Secret of Luna out there.  I just have high hopes I will.  There is no guarantee I won’t get another story ready to show off.  I can hope and dream.

Published stories so far:

Cursed Items
Missing Royals

First Meeting

Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe
Poem a Day May 2015
Poem a Day May 2018

Tsuba Ren


The Secret of Pack 413

My skills as a cover artist have improved.  My skills as an editor have improved.  My writing skills have improved.  I’m not where I was five years ago.

Just because I am making little income from this does not mean I’m a complete failure.  I’ve been told my books are great.  One day, more people will find comfort in my stories.  Today is not the day, but I am setting myself up for that future.

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