Promo of the Month: January -Cursed Items-

At this point, I have enough published works to do one promotion a month without any lapses.  So, I should promote my books monthly.  While I promote them, I will aim to put the ebook at 99 cents for that month and offer a free coupon for Smashwords.

Let’s begin!
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cursed items cover opt 2
First attempt

My first ever attempt at publishing was back in 2013, and it was only a short story. Cursed Items is about a young female who was caught by a cursed necklace.  The necklace is pretty, so she put it on.  The moment she put it on, her entire life changed.  She ended up stuck in a male’s body.  The story begins as she finishes her travels as a male finding someone who can turn her back into the female she considers herself.

cursed items cover opt 1
Second attempt

Really, this was my test run.  If anyone has the original ebook, the cover is lame.  I have gotten a lot better at making covers.

Cursed Items has gained a few shorts to follow it.  But they are only in first/second draft set up.  Maybe, if I get a few interested parties, I can edit them and turn this little short into a short series of shorts.  Say that five times fast.

cursed items cover
The new cover

Where can you find Cursed Items?  Any online bookstore would carry it.  The three big ones are listed here.
Smashwords HT62E (coupon code for a free copy)
Barnes and Noble

Want me to find it for you on a specific site?  Just ask.

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns send me an email or leave a message here.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Troubled Royals] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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