What to Publish?

I’ve asked many times of various people where should I be working.  They stare blankly at me mostly because my collection is too vast to sift through and give a real answer.  It’s the truth, too.  I have so many I can forget exacts of an old story.

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Well, then, let me make a list of my possible options for this year.  Nothing new included.  Nothing I wouldn’t let get published included.  And shorts will either be described by massive series or group or basically ignored.  Pick your favorites.

dragon rider 6 full attempt 2

What ones are already rewritten and half way to ready? (These are the most likely to get published this year)

  1. Dragon rider 6th, 7th, 8th grades.  (high school will probably need another rewrite)
  2. Leagende’s Unbelievable and Unavoidable are in edit stage.  (Unavoidable needs a better cover) (These two complete Bludi’s control of the series.)md2 the secret of preshift full cover
  3. MD’s Secret of Preshift and Secret of Luna are closing in on final copy.  (Luna’s ending short needs a rewrite possibly)
  4. Poem a Day May 2019 should be created and set up this year.
  5. Cursed Items could be pressed to become a short series of shorts
  6. NJWP’s stories can be made into a collection (Paranormal Shorts; Urban Fantasy)md3 the secret of luna full cover
  7. Dragon Blooded’s American White and Brazilian Blue
    unbelievable 1 unavoidable 1 american white brazilian blue 1
organization cover
dove cover 1
returning home 1

What stories are fully written and ready for rewrites/ heavy edits? (These are ones I will be picking through for next year or for much later this year)

  1. Returning Home (Elf)
  2. Dove
  3. Cyro and Dominik’s Party Fun
  4. Organization (8 missions)
  5. Elyennila
  6. Villains (Maybe?  It needs a full rewrite. It’s in zeroth draft.)
  7. Teen Test Train Freshman and Sophomore yearsteen test train sophomorelove or dieteen test train freshman
  8. Love Or Die (any of them)
  9. Hart Family
  10. Low Level Demons series of shorts
  11. The New Merlin
  12. Kura, Life Elf (bk 1)
  13. A Test of Power
  14. Amenda Fleeing Home and Seeking Home (Finding Home is not kura life elf 1a test of power 1complete)the new merlin cover 1
  15. Random Shorts
  16. Fire: Born and Bred
  17. Unavoidable?  Unwise (Unsure is not complete)
  18. The Modern Day Werewolves past Secret of Luna
  19. Dragon Rider high school booksalpha protectorfirebornandbred cover 2amenda b1 fleeing home

What stories are not fully written? (This group still needs me writing.  If anything it will be on wattpad shortly.  But if I have someone talking to me about a story it’s more likely to get worked on.  Not monthly comments, more like daily ‘So what’s Arissa up to today?’)

  1. Cyro’s Middling Adventure
  2. Trudy (based on Cyro’s plotting)
  3. Trigger
  4. Daughter of Water
  5. The Blood
  6. Low Level Demons (missions after Love or Die happens)
  7. Teen Test Train Junior, Senior, Graduate, etc years not complete
  8. Sedreave Darkspear
  9. Organization Mission 9 and beyond
  10. Coming Soon (Organization’s world long before the series)
  11. Team Rodrick
  12. Digifix
  13. Desert Alpha
  14. random shorts
  15. Casey
  16. New Merlin: New Mage
  17. Kura, After Death (bk2)
  18. Amenda Finding Home (final bk of trilogy)
  19. The Lady (not sure organization yet, prob trilogy if so bk 1 done)
  20. Cassandra (Fire: Born and Bred’s world)
  21. Unsure
  22. Modern Day werewolves
  23. Dragon Rider’s Alpha Shifter series

I wouldn’t say the lists are complete, but they’re about so.  If you see something interesting, ask about it. Message me on Facebook, email me cathartliebe@gmail.com, or leave a message here.  I am always open to chat about my stories.

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3 thoughts on “What to Publish?”

  1. Modern day werewolves need to be publsh we need more and more of thier storie s publish they are awasome also can you please work on adventure worthy it should be a great book


    1. Planning on getting the werewolf series going. I have two in final edits category. The next rewrite will take some time, but I am aiming for it this year. (At least one anyway. Probably three)
      As for Adventure Worthy (villains), that is one chaotic mess. Even with focus on the work, I doubt it will be ready this year. But I can review it and start on the rewrite.


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