So I made my first video.  [About Cat Hartliebe]

Youtube allows for free marketing.  If it sells my books, I’ll waste the time.  It’s a poetry reading of Tree of Knowledge.  I’ll get a few more of those I have posted on here on youtube.  I mean, it’s just time that’s needed.   If I could put more into it, the videos would be better.  Such as a proper video recorder or people open to wasting time on this.  That’s okay, I’ll figure out self recording.  It’s not that hard.

Secondary, I think I’ll make up a poem book at the end of the year.  It can be called 2019

2019 in poems cover
random cover attempt

in Poems.  It will be all the poems I post on my blog during this year.  This will be more than 52 poems and many of them aren’t four lines long.  It will be a fun task to work on when I’m bored of figuring out Nanowrimo.  I cannot exactly work on the book until after I finish posting all my poems for the year.

If I made the book of poems, I can set the ebook of poems at free.  (Minus Amazon who thinks free isn’t allowed.)  Then the print can be along the same price point as Poem a Day May.  It sounds like a fun use of time.

I am trying to figure out free ways to better my author brand.  Know any?

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