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All giveaways and prices are no longer valid!

You may have noticed my giveaway notices yesterday.  Hopefully you got a copy of Unwanted.  [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

I finally checked out the amazon giveaway feature.  It’s interesting.  I can “buy” my books and give them away to whoever I want.  It can be specific people.  Or it can be anyone who finds my link.  Or it can be public.  I can set it up as first come-first served or as one in so many people.

My first attempt was with five print copies of Unwanted.  It was open for about an hour.  I looked away for like five seconds it felt like and the thing ended.  I was shocked.

I tweeted it.  I forgot Twitter works that way.  With a giveaway hashtag, of course it’ll be done in an hour.

Alright, that gave me the push to try again.  I mean 5 in an hour?  Insane.  So I put 50 ebook copies up.  That’s the max I can make for a giveaway.  Still first come-first serve.  It would time out after one week if the books aren’t collected.

I have to pay an up front cost as if tax and shipping is the worst.  So it’s expensive to do with a refund two weeks after the thing ends.

Still, this sounds like a good way to get my books out to people who wouldn’t know about them.  I’m down.  I give away my books often enough that this shouldn’t be called strange.  (Go ahead and ask for one.  I’ll have a smashwords coupon code or a word doc for you shortly.  No seriously.)

I think for my promo post I’ll make up a five print copies first come-first serve.  I will only place the link in the blog post down at the bottom with the link to the book on amazon.  Then as a bonus boost I can set up like ten copies of the ebook for every 300th person in the public.  That may work well.  Expand my audience.  I need to.

The weakness to this?  It’s America only.  Sorry.  (Again, you have an email?  I can send you the document. Are you not listening?)

Overall, I like the service.  I’ll use it now that I know about it.  Still haven’t fully figured out how to promote.  Still a noob when it comes to marketing.  But the only way out of first level is to complete it.

Anyone has any other marketing suggestions?  Preferably ones that won’t cost an arm and leg?

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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