md2 the secret of preshift full cover

To think I’ve published 5 “books” this year already.
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The Secret of Preshift (a novel)

Unbelievable (novella)

cursed items series cover
unbelievable 1

Crown Princess (Short story)

Cursed Items (Short series)

The Spoon (Flash fiction)

crown princess antimony
the spoon cover ebook

And Annabella and Ji will be out this coming month if I have any say about it. Troubled Royals will be the print copy including Cursed Items, Crown Princess, Missing Royals, and Annabella and Ji.
Plus Poem a Day May 2019 will be out.
And Blog Poems of 2019 will come out this winter.
And Unavoidable will be out completing Leagende series in August (August 10th is current day)

As if that’s not enough stuff, I want to work on First Meetings Book 2 one month. So every day I write a new friend into a fantasy meeting.
And I want to get Dragon Rider 6th Grade out starting a new series in print.
And I want to get Secret of Luna out (which requires a lot of work, plus the rewrites of Alpha Protector will be vicious)

I looked. There is no way I’m pulling off World Record for most published books. I may aim for 12 books this year. (37 books is current record)

This is me pushing Cat Hartliebe. I have to. If I don’t make a profit this year, I’m going to push this career aside. I want to be a scientist anyway. I’ll look into that field.

The saying goes, if you get a check you can cash from royalties that pays a bill, you can be called professional.

Which I am pulling that off from this month. Because my mom bought copies of my books for Cyro (as a gift because they LOVE my stories) and I set up that giveaway. My income for March will be over $30 which would be my credit card bill if I didn’t just use my tax return to pay it all off. Bam. I feel like celebrating. Except this is a cheat. Real life cheat codes are expensive.

Any desires to beta read? Let me know. I am always willing to chat about my stories or offer another option. Some of the covers will be changed as time progresses. But this is where I’m at right now. (First Meeting Book 2 needs a cover yet. That’s book 1.) (Poem a Day May 2019 cannot be purple/silver with Annabella and Ji being purple/silver. Maybe gold/blue?)

Also 37 books published is the current world record for a year. That will change, but not because of me. 12 seems like a big number right now.

unavoidable full att 2
md3 the secret of luna full cover
alpha protector
annabella and Ji 2
dragon rider 6 full attempt 2
full cover trouble royals
first meeting 5 by 8 cover
poem a day may 2019

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