Promo of the Month: April -Unexpected-

At this point, I have enough published works to do one promotion a month without any lapses.  So, I should promote my books monthly.  While I promote them, I will aim to put the ebook at 99 cents for that month and offer a free coupon for Smashwords.

Let’s begin!
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unexpected 4

Continuing the Leagende series is the second book: Unexpected.  Bludi has found himself back into his mother’s good graces.  She has always wished for Bludi to be her prince.  Now he is the youngest adult prince in Leagende.  So what does that mean when his mother and her current husband get captured?  Bludi would rather continue his tasks helping his little sister, Crown Princess Anna.  Why does everyone want to place the half elf on the throne?  There are laws against that for a reason.  But his siblings weren’t the true children of the king and queen either.  Can’t the queen return and get pregnant by her husband?  Everyone needs to have the type of faith Bludi has in his mother.

This is a two year delay from Unwanted.  Adain already exists and Ellone is pregnant with Castella.

Genre: fantasy, adventure, romance…

To get your interest further, you can read the precursor short dealing with Bludi called The Hair Incident.  It’s here on the blog.

This is a series story.  Bludi is found in all the books published in Leagende.  The first and second have him as the main character.

Where can you find Unexpected?  Any online bookstore would carry it.  The three big ones are listed here.
Smashwords KQ99M (coupon code for a free copy)
Barnes and Noble

Want me to find it for you on a specific site?  Just ask.

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns send me an email or leave a message here.

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