SS Grim and Catherine

I have begun writing for First Meeting x2. [About Cat Hartliebe] [First Meeting]

I’m excited to put more of my friends against mythical, fantastical, and paranormal creatures. If you wish to join the chaos, leave a comment or send me a message. I’ll be working on the collection in July. This is me. I wrote a story with me as the main character. I can call myself a friend, right?


Grim and Catherine (First Meeting x2)

How long has it been? I pull the timepiece from inside my black cloak. It has not been long, not truly. A few weeks where she did not allow for a visit.

“Meow.” The orange tabby slips between my skeletal feet.

I lean forward and scratch under its chin. “Good evening, Nugget. Did she eat the wrong food again?”

“Meow.” Nugget jumps back on the bed where the figure of a woman uneasily sleeps.

“It has been years since I had nearly nightly visits with her.” I place my scythe against the door before kneeling before the female. Her ghostly form slips out of her body still attached, but easy to remove. That’s the purpose of the scythe after all. To cut the final cord to life. “Hello, again, Catherine.”

“Damnit. I knew I shouldn’t’ve trusted dinner.” She rubs her head as if she wasn’t spirit already. “Game of knowledge.”

I look at Nugget purring while nuzzling with the sleeping human form. “You always seem to win. These chats were a lifeline in my hours of darkness.”

Catherine chuckles hovering above her body just to see things. “Yeah, well, I preference not having these chats. At least not yet. I’m learning what’s trying to kill me. Turns out vanilla is a definite no.” She sits half inside her body watching me again. “So, Grim, which category will we try for tonight? How will I out talk you?”

I switch to sit cross legged, my bony knees easily shown before her. She never minded seeing the glowing red eyes in my skull or the bones I have instead of body parts. Carrying a scythe wasn’t a problem. She just saw me as another part of life. For her, she has been winning our game for decades. I miss the common chats. “No game. Just spend a few minutes with me.”

“An auto win? Grim, you’re getting soft.” Catherine leans forward to knock my shoulder. “Nope, still bone.”

“There are so few people who can chat with me. So few who realize the game of chance is a way back into the world of the living.”

“You also point out winning makes us a shaman.” Catherine looks at her body. “Seeing ghosts normally isn’t helpful. Mostly it makes people think you’re crazy.” She shrugs kicking out her ghostly legs. “I won my first game before I turned one.”

I chuckle leaning back to think of her fighting for her life. “So few can manage to win. The game was who would say something first.” I sigh recalling how easily she moved about my body tickling. Her ghost form going where ever it wanted. My energy pulsed making me blurt ‘Get out of my cloak’ at her. “And you learned how to annoy people far too early.”

“Four siblings.” She looks down at her body. “Every game I win, my body suffers for it. The longer I am separate, the harder it will be in the end.” She pauses staring at me. Her hand drifts to Nugget who purrs nuzzling the ghost hand. “But it’s better than nothing. I’m not finished writing that story I want published.”

“Write one with me.” I tap my chest looking at my time piece again. I have tasks. So many people die anymore. “We’re friends, right?”

Catherine grins patting her body as if to find the perfect re-entry. “Sure. We’re friends, Grim. Break’s over. See you next time someone slips me an allergen.”

I nod standing back up. I give Nugget one last rub before grabbing my scythe again. Someone will put her back before me. I just have to wait a few weeks.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [First Meeting]

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