Promo of the Month: May -Poetry-

At this point, I have enough published works to do one promotion a month without any lapses. So, I should promote my books monthly. This month will be my collection of poetry.

Let’s begin! [Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books] [Cyro Hartliebe’s Poem Books]
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There are three poetry books of mine currently available on the market. All the ebooks are free. (Minus Poem a Day May 2018 posted on Amazon. Yell at Amazon for me, please. It’s free elsewhere.) The print copies of Poem a Day May 2015 and 2018 are $5.99.

random poems of cat hartliebe

Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe
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Random Poems of Cat Hartliebe was the first cover I made that I liked. Inside the collection is a random grouping of poems I made over the years. Am I particularly proud of the collection? I guess. I have come a long way as a writer. This was in 2013 after all.

poem a day may 1

Poem a Day May 2015
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The second poetry book on the market can be found in both ebook and print. Poem a Day May 2015 was my first attempt to get my child loving poetry. It was to make him aware that poetry is such a broad concept that anyone can write poems. That everything written is normally poetic. Cyro was six at the time. It was a struggle to get him interested truly. I succeeded in a poem every day, minus Mother’s Day. I chose to take that day off and waited for my poem. Cyro did offer me one, but it doesn’t look like poetry in the normal sense.

poem a may may 2018

Poem a Day May 2018
Amazon  Smashwords  Barnes and Noble
My third poem book on the market is Poem a Day May 2018. Cyro and I both succeeded in getting poems every single day of the month. We actually both did more than the minimum 30 poems. And we had several helpers showing Cyro poetry literally means anything. There were so many poems, I was able to make Cyro pick and chose what he thought were the best ones. It was teaching him editing and formatting of a poem book. Mostly it landed in my lap, but I’m proud of how much Cyro helped. He was nine during this book’s creation. It can be found print and ebook.

poem a day may 2019 cover

Poem a Day May 2019 (coming soon!)
This year, this month actually, Cyro and I will be creating a new Poem a Day May book. It will have a theme: myth. Mostly it will be leaning on mythical creatures, although there is no guarantee it will stay mythical creatures. Cyro has been loving all the myth books by Rick Riordan. (He has become the go to middle grade fiction myth author.) This should be an easy way of showing a theme based book. Then in edits, we will have to decide if each poem matches the theme. As well as pick the best of the bunch. Currently, Moe will be returning to help this myth based poem collection. This book will be out this year. If you wish to hear about our writing, ask.

2019 in poems cover

2019 in Poems (possible title) (future poem book)
On top of this goal, I have another one. This year I have been posting a ton of poems. Some are new. Some are old. I have a ton more even. If I keep up these weekly poem posts, I will be creating a poem book for the blog at the end of the year. It will be fun to organize all the poems that I post.

Poem a Day May 2019 will be out some time this summer. My blog poems book will not be out until next winter. The book is truly unknown minus the fact I’m pretty certain I’m going to do it. This is only a possible cover. It will probably change.

So there you have it. All my poetry all nice and neat and together. There are plenty of poems on this blog (which is why 2019 in Poems is a thing). If you wish to hear about my poetry adventures this month give me a message (my email is always available).

All these poem ebooks are free! The print copies are $5.99. If Amazon has the ebook, it is set to $0.99. Once several people point out it is free elsewhere, Amazon will make it a free ebook. I cannot tell Amazon to make a book free. My minimum price for Amazon is $0.99.

Want me to find any book for you on a specific site?  Just ask.

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns send me an email or leave a message here. The comment section is not set to automatic because I have a stalker. If you are not a stalker or spam, I will post the comment. I always read all the comments. (The stalker’s comments piss me off. The spam ones are just funny.)

[Cat Hartliebe’s Poem Books] [Cyro Hartliebe’s Poem Books]
[About Cat Hartliebe] [Poetry Archive] [About Cyro Hartliebe]

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