Annabella and Ji

annabella and Ji 2

Totally just hit publish. [Troubled Royals] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Annabella and Ji is the final story in Trouble Royals. But the print copy isn’t available yet. I needed to finish the final fairy tale first.

I would not have hit publish today if not for Cyro saying it’s good last night. So if it’s not good enough for you, talk to me. The quality isn’t bad. The first draft was on level with typical fairy tale stories you see everywhere, so the fact I rewrote it to be a higher quality fairy tale should say something.

Still I feel as if I’m doing a disservice to them. As if I’m missing something important. Or there is still a plot hole I’m ignoring.

No. It’s fine. I know it’s fine. It’s good enough. And for 99 cents, people shouldn’t complain. I should complain for offering such a high quality book for only 99 cents. How can I make profit as an author if I don’t make profit off sales?

Ugh! Whatever. It’ll be up on Amazon shortly. It’s already available on Smashwords.


The princess and the dragon.

A well known and well loved story.

Princess trapped in the tower, protected by the dragon, and saved by a prince.

This is not that story. Not in the least. Princess Annabella would put herself in the tower to see the stars. Ji does protect her, including from weird suitors. There will be no one saving her from this dragon.

More the dragon has other things he’s up to. He wants to change the ways the country runs. Even though the laws say he gets the kingdom and the eldest princess as his queen, it seems he’s not exactly looking for that. Will Ji Long gain his desires? Or will a knight get him in the end?

One of the big things I blatantly ignore is the fact Ji is actually trans. As a dragon, transformation is a skill that must be learned. Ji starts as a male, hates everything about the gender, starts outwardly looking and acting like a female, then gets his spell down so he’s a she at the end.

So instead of the typical dragon guarding a princess, you have a transgender dragon being loved by the atypical princess. Hope you enjoy it.

I do enjoy the story. It’s just… Am I doing them justice?

Then again any black princess stories would be beneficial. Any trans fairy tales would be beneficial. So there you go. #blackprincess #transdragon #equality

Or at least I’m trying. Butcher the story if you want.

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[About Cat Hartliebe] [Troubled Royals]

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