Promo of the Month: June ~Tsuba Ren~

At this point, I have enough published works to do one promotion a month without any lapses. So, I should promote my books monthly. This month I’ll promo the first book in a different world: Tsuba Ren.

Let’s begin! [About Cat Hartliebe] [Witches and Demons Series]

The Witch Series is not following a single character, but set in the same world with possible overlap. So the fact this is a first in a series doesn’t matter in the long run.

tsuba ren cover

This is a standalone story told from Laurel Ren’s perspective. She grew up with a single mother in a witch community somewhere in America.

In an attempt to escape a nasty group of people, her mother sacrificed herself. It doesn’t work, though and Laurel ends up not just captured, but married to a horrible bastard. Laurel desires freedom, but they know she has magic and limits her. Her heart limits the rest of the way.

But once she gains freedom, she runs- or flies as the case may be. Flies to where her father called home. However, things aren’t exactly as expected for the young adult. But anything is better than the mobster’s den.

Although romance is found within the story, I wouldn’t classify it as romance. It’s paranormal. It’s urban fantasy. It’s new adult. I would not classify it as young adult, although I know there are plenty of teens who would connect with Laurel.

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For the month, Tsuba Ren ebook will be 99 cents. The print copy is only $10.

If you are interested in a giveaway copy send me an email. Amazon allows for giveaways in the US only. I have a free coupon through smashwords that is good the entire month as well (smashwords global coupon).

Honestly, I keep thinking maybe it’s not good enough. It hits the wrong notes. It portrays things I rather not have portrayed. If this just several negative reviews, it will be removed from public access.

Tsuba Ren

Tsuba ren full cover option 13b

Want me to find any book for you on a specific site?  Just ask.

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns send me an email or leave a message here. The comment section is not set to automatic because I have a stalker. If you are not a stalker or spam, I will post the comment. I always read all the comments. (The stalker’s comments piss me off. The spam ones are just funny.)

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Witches and Demons Series]

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