Poem a Day May 2019… or not

poem a day may 2019 cover

So I spent all that time planning and preparing the poem a day book for May this year.

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And May flies by without so much as a howdy-de-do. That’s not completely true. Cyro and I did write a couple poems. But not enough of them. We should have been more focused.

However, chaos hit the fan. With school’s draining and the black belt test and my lack of resolve to torture my child (they consider it torture after dealing with school all day)… It just wasn’t happening.

Perhaps we’ll make a Poem a Day July. Or just 2019 Poems by Cyro and Cat Hartliebe. That’s possible. I am planning on the year end poem book. So even though this was a fail, I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time. I did not put forth the amount necessary effort needed. Nor did Cyro. And Moe didn’t help at all during the month. poem a day may 2019 att 3.jpg

If I collect enough myth poems before the year ends, I’ll create a poem book for Cyro and me (or just Cyro). The title would change. The back comments would change a little. Poetry is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be ‘easy’. We’ll do another one at a later time. I want to write with Cyro. When Cyro wants to write with me, we’ll create another book together.

Until then… Read my poems on Mondays. Buy or download one of the previous poem books I made. Tell Cyro to write more. They don’t listen to me, but perhaps if they get a following, they’ll start wanting to write for you. Their email is Cyrohartliebe@gmail.com. You can also send them a message through me cathartliebe@gmail.com, on my facebook/hartliebecat, or even here. I show them any comments that are for them. They’re not very good about checking their email (hopefully that will change) or checking stuff that is related to them.

poetry books may 2019

One of Cyro’s poems from May:


I went fishing.
The cucumbers fell in.
A ton of fish came to my boat.
Thanks friend.

A joint attempted poem:


I love them so
When the fires blow
they turn aglow

One of Cat’s poems from May:

Pretty Little Gem

Pretty little gem
I love the way it shines
I will capture it
and make it all mine

pretty little jewel
we will be best friends
goblins and gems
go way back i swear

pretty little bobble
you like to shimmer so
leave the dragon’s side
and become mine now

pretty little gem
it’s a shame to be together
it must be as a capture
but we’ll be BFs forever

I’ll probably put some of the poems up during the year. I mean I’m already doing poem a day Monday.

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