Notes are Required: Dragon Rider Notes

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Dragon Rider Notes 
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This isn’t a lot, but it’s enough. I’ve been adding to it as needed. You’ll notice a few notes dealing with Alpha Shifter books. 6th Grade for Alpha Shifter is “completed”. 7th Grade has been started. So notes are needed.
Notes are Required

Gold mother Sari 3387 – daughter of Cat3501(silver) and Orevunied4678(blue)
Xeriso 4331 red father  –  son of Jenthusea (green) and Ruthger (red), (twin of Terrisona f green) Jen’s only children.  Same egg/same time.

Red, blue, green, black, white  ::  bronze, electrum ,copper, gold, silver

Jacob Verde: youngest son of cat and Orevunied  fourteen full siblings

1  Kimi Rouge(f, red, and fertility one) 3479  (many children.  Only 2 sons before she lost title)

2  Joan Lune (f, silver) 3432

3  Maki Russet(m, bronze) 3390

4  Sari Meadows(f, gold, mother) 3387 DEAD

5  Zut Azure(m, blue) 3356

6  Drusilla Ion(f, electrum) 3299

7  Frit Henna(m, copper) 3175

8  Ejib Sapphire (m, blue) 3152

9  Lorelei Ashen(f, black) 3095

10 Nahemm Sanguine(m, red) 3012

11 Shimmer Moon(f, silver) 2964

12 Wilhelm Frost (m, white) 2874 Joey Flurry (m, white by Xyaina)  Rhyden Flurry (m, white by Xyaina)

13 Quetzal Cloud (m, silver) 2755

14 Pearl Aquamarine(f, blue) 2501

15 Jacob Verde (m, green) (8/25) 2480  Rook Verde 1780(m, green by Naddie Antidote; Amelia Verde) Bathalsor Verde (m, dead by Naddie Antidote)780  Natalie Verde (f, green by) 15  Sam Antidote (m, by Naddie Antidote) 0 DEAD  ??? (egg by Naddie)

Halves: by Orevunied

  1. Epic Grun 3880 (m, green, by healing dragon (dead)) Domincia Moss 2765 (f, healing green, by random green)
  2. Peire Cerulean 3675 (m, blue, by Bea Cerulean)

Red :: Rouge, Blood, Heart, Heat, Fire, Flames, Burn, Fire, Fiery, Crimson, Rose, Wine, Blush, Brick, Burgundy, Cherry, Fuchsia, Ruby, Sanguine, Hot,

Blue :: Aqua, Bleu, Sapphire, Bubbles, Steam, Tidal, Rain, Azure, Cobalt, Teal, Navy, Marine, Cerulean,

Green :: Verde, Grun, Vert, Emerald, Poison, Toxin, Lime, Antidote,

Black :: Dark, Onyx, Death, Decay, Burial, Grave, Swamp, Sombre, Bane, Blight, Barren, Ashen, Corpse, Ghast, Grim,

White :: Blanc, Ice, Cold, Albino, Wit, Zuri, Bijel, Weiss, Branco, Alabaster, Bleached, Ivory, Blanch, Snow, Chalk, Eggshell, Flurry, Frost

Bronze :: Melt, Statue, Lava, Magma, Volcano, Sepia, Rust, Henna, Russet, Brass,

Electrum :: Electra, Sparks, Covalent, Surge, Metallic, Dynamic, Charged, Voltaic,

Copper :: Acid, Base, Ionic, Hazel, Adherence, Pact, Bond, Joint, Link, Brine, Saline, Alkali, Alkaline,

Gold :: Helios, Light, Life, Spring, Fresh, Mold, Spore, Mint, Treasure, New, Virgin,

Silver :: Luna, Star, Air, Space, Cloud, Argent, Sterling, Platinum,

bronze mountain, red desert, green forest, gold meadows, silver tundra, white plateau, blue ocean, copper fields, electrum valleys, black swamp

Jennifer Surge (electrum.  Child of a mixed blood human base and an electrum dragon.  Born in arcane world.  Saved as Cat’s last act as mother. 1575)

Apr 10th = alexs birthday(the day Nat was born)  nov 26th nats birthday  Ceres hates watermelon.   Jacob Verde   her mother is a planar something.   Dragon brothers names: Bathalsor (dead) and Rook   Melinda Copper (alex’s mom)  Queen Star –Prince Adam –King Alastar    Jonah, Olaf, and Vine  draco (merchents son adopted rebecca’s friend)  Jasmine Smith

Archiac Mountains sits Gley Castle   Rainbow Castle in the Astral Sea.  Rockefeller Castle on the Strait of Gabrielle.  June Castle on the Ocean of the Seas.  Rose Castle (Copper castle)

carebears book:  tenderheart and the bullied child; Good luck Bear and the sport’s star; funshine bear and the student; bedtime bear and the scared child; wish bear and the non believer; grumpy bear and the farmer’s kid

arthur copper (alex’s dad) is charles’s little brother. bastard of king

He glances at the book in my arms.  Soon it’s stolen from me so he could read it.  “You wish to write about the Planes.”  He runs a hand over the cover.  “I am a very old very powerful creature.  An Umbraki.”

“A what?”

“Umbraki.  As are you. But a different kind.  A light kind.”

“A light kind?”  I blink really, really confused.

“Usoara.”  Grandfather nods patting my leg.  “It means wielder of light.”

“Does that mean I’m special?”  I take my book back and start to let these words reach the page.  Umbraki and Usora, two planes creatures.  One that I am.

“Yes and no.  If you weren’t special, I wouldn’t need to protect you, now would I?”  I may not be able to see his face in the normal sense, but I know he smiles.  “I can help you learn of your powers if you wish I do so.  I understand you already have a wide grasp of skills from your draconic and human sides.”

“I’m a black dragon, right?  I breathe death.”  He sighs letting his focus be on the ground at my feet.  “The magenta eyes match with a demon called Mortay.  They manipulate death much the same way you manipulate light and Grandfather handles shadows.  I can literally make the dead walk and talk.  I can use my own death breathe in a more complicated way.  No wonder I had such a hard time controlling my magic as a kid.  They work well together.  Too well.”  Alex runs a hand over his face and hair.  “This is crazy to even think about.”

Shifter books knowledge::

Jonah and Olaf’s daughter: Blossom.
nat 7th- before 1st.

Nat 8th- first grade

Nat 12th- 5th grade

Draco entered in 4th grade.

Goblin enters in her sixth year

Nat 12th+5yr baby.  (10th grade)

Ejib and Fran Helios. Closed mating. Verde owes Alex.  Alex owes Dom.  Dom owes Fran.  Nat refuses to take favors.  Wilhelm owes Xyaina.  Xyaina and Melinda are dragon riders

Ask questions, make comments, or just tell me to write. I’m currently on the rewrite of 10th Grade

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