Notes are Required: Organization

organization cover

The Organization missions are long and confusing. [About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

I follow only one person in first person point of view which helps. But… We’re on mission 10. I’m not even sure when this will end.
Notes are Required

FYI: this cover is a poor option for the book. She’s Hispanic coloring. This was thrown together near the beginning of the writing. It will be impossible to get Hispanic with strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. I’ll figure out something. I may chose to darken the red to auburn. Can’t change the eyes. It’s a connection through magic and family.

Mission Notes

Natural Mages

Fire  Aggression; heat;  ions   red

Electric  True Offensive; leadership shaman   yellow

Wind  Manipulative action; loud speech;  gas    green

Illusion  Sensory change; knowledge wizard/magician   white

Water  Weather based; H2O creation/ deletion; liquids   blue

Life  Heal/ gravity  ability to make life fix itself; will psion   black

Earth  pressure; pull and push; solids     purple

Magma  metal; strength  sorcerer    orange

Sorcerer – (strength) with intense force one can make the elements bend to his/her will.  Magma like

Shaman – spiritual, nature (leadership)  Electric like

Wizard – with excessive knowledge one can overcome the bounds of talentlessness forcing outside energy to bend to the wizard (Knowledge)  Illusion like

Psion – (will) takes mental skill to change thought patterns, minor actions, manipulate items with thought and willpower.  Strength of the mind.  Life like

1st male: king  Jeremy

1st female: queen   Arianna

2nd male: first prince   Prince Henry

2nd female: first princess   Princess Rebecca      Prince Lucas    Princess Serena  (X)   Princess Natalie(X)    Princess Julia

Other two are prince or princess without added title.

1-6 “arch status” they have responsibilities other than going out on jobs.

Single suite set up with the desires of the arch in mind

King and queen status grants president and vice of the company.

Top meals in lunchroom

7-25 “noble”  these guys are the prime crop for difficult jobs.  They will work alone or within a small group well.  They can be used as secondary proctors or secondary arch jobbed if times make them needed.

Large single rooms much like a dorm room.

Grants access to all jobs in school management minus the heads.

Second top meal in lunchroom

26-100 “Upper deck” these guys are used in a variety of jobs.  They never work alone.  They normally are assigned a partner to hang with through their time at this level.  Their partner is normally the same throughout the decks because they travel on the same mission and have the same studies thus leveling at the same time.

Small single room much like a dorm room.

The government only chooses those in upper deck or above for work.

Third level meal in lunchroom

101-200 “Mid Deck or middle deck”  these guys are no longer new or pawns.  They have proven to be valuable assets to the organization.  However they are not ready for difficult jobs unless it is for training purposes and they are going with quite a number of higher members.  They have a partner, one who suffers through much the same jobs as they.

They are given more jobs than training expecting experience to be more valuable than book study.

They are in double dorm rooms.  The rooms are the same size as a noble’s room.  The person they are normally bunking with is their partner unless their partner is the opposite sex.

Few leave the organization before reaching upper deck, so this group’s age range is much lower than the average age of the group.

Third level meal in lunchroom

201-300 “Low Deck or Lower deck”  these guys suffer with more training on grounds than jobs.  It is meant to make them understand the work before performing.  When on jobs they work in groups of four or more with at least one upper deck or better.  They have a partner they are always with.

Same double dorm rooms as mid deck.

Sometimes the population makes it so they do not even reach 300.  if this happens with an odd number of students the top mid deck gets a room to themselves.

Fourth level meal in lunchroom

301-end “Minions”  these guys will only go on jobs with noble class or better.  Many times proctors are called to take them on their jobs.  They work in groups at least five wide.  The jobs are always low end jobs that are meant to teach their skills as well as teamwork.  They are training heavily.  They are also gophers for anyone else in the organization.

Rarely do minions exist after the “newbies” first mission because of a high mortality rate.

They are in four person bunk rooms.  They are the same size room as a low deck with twice as much stuff.

Anyone who stays in this category too long is kicked out.  The organization does not like having minions.

Members can enter at age 15 and stay until 35.  they may leave with permission at any time.  many, like lucas, are accepted with a more restricted age limit because of family desires.  If members last until their late twenties they tend to be upper deck or better and are being offered jobs outside of the organization.

This place is meant as both a training and work.  Each successful job earns them income, but they cannot accept it until after they leave.  Cost of living is pulled out of each job so when they check their financial standing it is their actual earned income upon leaving.

To enter a member needs a writ from a current or past member or member of the ruling class.

Average age of entire active organization is 21.

Each title is earned based on 5 areas of growth: knowledge; physical; magic; will; and leadership.  These are calculated as if a deck of cards: 0, 2-10, J, Q, K, A.

The organization is not secretive and also not known.  Hiding in the shadows only those who need their service realize they exist.

Difficult members are not released into normal society, they are killed.

Queen Priscilla DeRoseChild of King (youngest) Nuveen’s CP (Kevin) wants.28y (1)
King Aaron DefrySon of former princess Contessa; this princess wants redford; Nuveen country; may30y (2)
AK0 (2) (7)AK54 (56-1) (61-1)
1st Princess Julia Godfree 24y (3)
KK0AQ52 (A wins)
1st Prince Ryan DeRoseChild of King (2nd) C.P.32y (4)
P. Adam DeRoseChild of King (1st)34y. (5)
1010010A44 (S)
P. Jeremy WillsTrue mage19y (6)
9 (10)7 (10)J (Q) (K)86 (7) (8)41 (45-5) (49-6)
P.s Serena Octavia (after adam leaves) 24y (7) (6)
107 (10)0QJ40 (43)
Arianna StatonMc16y (223)
6 (7) (8) (9) (10) (J)3 (4) (5) (6)2 (3) (4) (8) (10) (J) (Q)6 (8) (9)2 (3) (5) (6)19 (23-176) (24-156) (25-146) (35-57) (36-52) (37-47)  (39-20)
Lucas WillsBaron Redford’s heir15y (299)
4 (5) (7) (9)2 (3) (4)2 (4) (6)2 (3)0 (3) (4) (6) (7)10 (15-254) (16-244) (25-150)



Rebecca HorstenOnly child15y (253)
4 (5) (6) (7)2 (3) (4)2 (3) (4) (6)6 (7) (10) (J)0 (2) (3)14 (18-222) (19- 201) (23-170) (29-107)



Fredrick VanWilliams, srProctor 
Fredrick VanWilliams, jrMid child15y (297)
33 (4)230 (3)11 (15-259)
Lilith VanWilliamsOldest child17y (193)
7505 (6)4 (5)21 (23-177)
President Namus  
Drevon NruthaShaman17y (286)
3 (4) (5) (10)3 (5)2 (3) (5) (7)4 (5) (6)0 (3) (4) (5)12 (17-240) (20-199)




Natalie Scroom 26y (10)
Eric ThomasWills servant; liliths partner19y (147)
7 (8)70 (2)5(6) (7)6 (7) (8)25 (27-136) (30-100)
Anthony Quin 27y (8)
Cory GuyAaron’s friend30y (9)
Tina FeyNatalie’s friend who crushes on Jeremy29y (11)
RobTina’s friend29y (11)
  0  40
Sophia TeesayAaron’s group; let someone die15y (289)
220228 (last place)
Eve 15y (287)
Susan 15y (285)
Dwaine 15y (270)
Peter 15y (271)
Moma LeedsLilith and ari’s floor noble head; serena’s friend and ex partner;  Julux24y (40)
Frank LiasenPoker tournament winner before rebecca27y (78enr)
Henry ChachioBaron heir of  Jupifer20y

Accurate picture of member.  Member’s name.  bar code for computer id purposes. Age. General information. Rank.  Skill level in K P M W L order.  (total)

Max: without magic-56 complete-70

10-300 20-200 30-100 40-10

Cast of characters

Arianna Staton:  MC.  16y.  not from noble background.  Mother was a mage who owned land but killed because her magic made people not trust her.  (witch trails)  orphan.  Can read and write.  Books have been her only solace.  Found randomly by former prince because she used magic to sell apples. Was taught minor magic from her mother.  Raped multiple times.  Very pretty.  May fifteenth
Mother: Daphne Samara

Jeremy Wills:  19y. rank 6 because he wants the bonuses of being a arch without all the issues that come with being a titled.  Being raped by queen.  Water based mage.    son of the second son of the previous baron of redford.  His father does not seek titles, but does work for the organization and for media blitz coverage.  He is an excellent photographer as well as writer. Jeremy’s mother died from a coup at the castle of redford.  His father refuses to be the baron and tries his best to keep Jeremy away.  Victor Wills, Jeremy’s father  August twenty-fifth

Lucas Wills:  girly boy who wants to prove to his family he is not just an heir, but strong too.  Jeremey’s cousin. Likes arianna. Virgin. 15y. water base mage.  His mother is young and nervous.  Francis Wills, Maria: baron redford  October thirtieth

Rebecca Horsten: 15y. father is a proctor. Both look vampirish. Will mage.  Horsten are “fake” nobles  little sister deceased: Melanie(she fell off a cliff while picking flowers)  July eighth.  Mom: Emily

Baron of Redford: Lucas’s father.  Been married twice.  The coup killed his first wife and his sis in law.  Lucas is from his first marriage, but only knows the second wife calling her mom.  He was just a baby at the time.  2nd wife: Maria Wright

Fredrick VanWilliams, sr: the former prince that found arianna.  Normally a proctor is currently on a job.  Direct proctor for Jeremy when he needs one

Fredrick VanWilliams, jr: 15y. can use magic not as strongly as Jeremy or arianna. Base fire.  January second

Lilith VanWilliams: Fredrick, sr’s oldest child.  17y. loves Jeremy. 193 rank     Eric is her partner  dec 9

Eric Thomas:  Lilith’s partner for her position in Mid Deck.  A servant of the Redford household, so servant for Lucas.  He has a weird sense of position wanting to be certain Lucas is well and safe during his stay.  given the writ by Baron of Redford when Jeremy entered.  Same age and knew each other.  Rank 147  At first he was Jeremy’s partner and the reason Jeremy pushed to get into a single.  Apr 22

President Namus: he runs the entire organization picking and choosing people that match to jobs as well as he can.  He uses all of his power to better his members not his standing.

Drevon Nrutha: shaman. Calls spirits them or they. Noble.  Sister will be future queen of his country.  From “Africa” the country is Tanzia.  Julux is the other country. Sept. 12th  Crown Prince Zurion (Zur) of Tanzia and Crown Princess Cassandra (Cassie)
brother: Hasanati (Hassi), traveler on diplomatic notices. Right hand for global knowledge for Tanzia.  Parents: Gowon (60+) and Valkerie
Aunt Cleopatra (mothers sister)   Raymond English (Grandfather, mother’s father)

Yulia Quin: Noble, girlfriend of Ryan DeRose; future wife, crown princess and ultimately queen.  They were matched at a young age. Youngest daughter of Baron Voss.  Brother Anthony.  Vincent Quin, oldest sibling/brother: Baron after vote.

Natalie Scroom: noble on Ari and reb’s floor.  She is close to gaining Arch space.

Cory Guy:

King Bartholomew and Queen Cerise Laley:  Children Adam, Ryan, Priscilla.  Not of the queen.  The queen’s two children died during missions.

Baron Jupifer (Marie Chachio):  Three children.  Husband is a weaker mage than her and spends his time in Merlin’s embrace.  Henry is eldest and heir.  Wasn’t raised as a full fledge mage.  Mai is the middle and expected to become the heir because of her magic skill and her strength of will.  Henry is unlikely to deny her if she marries properly and proves herself in the Organization.  Heidi is the strongest of the three mages, but the least trained.  She has a strong connection to life and it causes a lot of problems.  She’s been punished for her lack of control.  Knows Arianna is future queen under Merlin’s Choice.  Looking to support her once she proves herself.  Mai was hopeful to be called the Merlin’s Choice.

Baron and Baroness of Nilli:  male cousin to Arondi’s mother.  Sweet people who have a close attachment through Derek with Merlin.  Are weak mages who never reached even a 10 in magic.  They both know about Arianna being future queen by her Merlin’s Choice.  They fully support her.

Uncle Derek Voit:  Cousin of the baron of Nilli.  High level mage.  Part of merlin. Two twin daughters and one sole son who is two and kept with his mother in a house away from the baron’s castel.

Eve and Ella Voit: Cousin of the baron Nilli.  Untrained but a strong base level.    Eve is the “smart one”  and Ella is the pretty one.  Never spends time with mother and little annoying brother.  Father, Derek is just pain annoying.  Has been refusing to go to the organization because of the mistreatment of mages.  Not as good as mai.

Baron Whitefield:  crazy mage.

Mr. Tem:  A teddy bear with Jeremy and Lucas’s grandfather’s spirit trapped inside.  Drevon did it.  Uses sink stones sewn into the bear for magic.

Merlin Group:  Presses the country into accepting a mage on the throne.  Will chose the most qualified mage to become heir to the throne.

Barons:  Redford, Whitefield, Cinders, Jupifer, Nilli (Killeen/Congo (white hats)), Voss, Grektic

Drevon ended up with Rebecca.  Fredrick and Lucas got connected.   34 new members; 14 body bags.

Judges for judgment:  “Pride.  Envy.  Sloth.  Wrath.  Lust.  Gluttony.  Greed.”

Voss: King English’s ally.  Sword wielder and expert horseman.  Not the strongest mage, but by no means weak in magic.

Cinders: King English’s ally, but due to a disagreement dealing with English’s wife ended up betraying the king.  He was sent to Cinders Baron and it was lit on fire and hasn’t ended yet.

Desert Dream: amusement park in Tanzia.  Gorgeous and expensive.

Thunder Ways: armors, arms, and jewelry for the adventuring type.  Arianna’s sink shop.  There is a father who was a member, a mage mother, and a daughter in her late twenties.

Sixteen to be judged:  Arondi, Whitefield, Grektic, Wills, Chachio, Voit,

1st male: king  Jeremy   1st female: queen   Arianna   2nd male: first prince   Prince Henry

2nd female: first princess   Princess Rebecca      Prince Lucas    Princess Serena  (X)   Princess Natalie(X)    Princess Julia

Rat (J)*, Ox (R)*, Tiger (pris)*, Rabbit(L)*, Dragon(D)*, Snake(Aa)*, Horse(mai)*, Goat (?)H, Monkey (?), Rooster (hen)*, Dog (eric)*, Pig (ryan)*, and the secret one Cat (arondi)*

“Have you read about the thirteen animals of the zodiac?”

“I thought it was twelve.”  I scrunch up my face thinking of the stories I’ve read about.

“Nope.  Thirteen.  And tiger is one of them.”  Mama stops me and starts counting, “Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, and the secret one Cat.”

Rabbit: Lucas; Tiger: Priscilla; Ox: Rebecca; Cat: Mama; Rat/Mouse: Jeremy;

Tiger: pris; dragon(y): drevon;  snake(g): aaron; dog(b): eric; goat(r):??? ; pig (r): Ryan; horse (p): mai; rooster (p): Henry; monkey(g): adam(NG);

Change Laley to Laley.

(((VonWilliams stops us before the area we trained as newcomers.  Drevon sits in a circle near the wooden picnic table.  “You will be on task from noon until four every day minus Sunday.  Every other day besides Sunday, you will also have the hours between nine and midnight.”

“Why?”  Rebecca glances at VonWillaims.  “Those seem odd hours.”

“Drevon chose them.  He’s been testing the spirits for a while but did not start this job until he came back from Redford.  Stay with him.  When you appear for work, tell your card: Clocking In Shaman Job.  When you’re done: Clocking Out Shaman Job.”

“Sounds too simple.”  Rebecca frowns looking down at Drevon.  “And if we get to work and he’s busy?”

“You can consider yourself clocked in since you also play eyes and ears.  Just do not act without his approval.”  VonWilliams waves to us.  “I’ll go mark this in your transcripts.”

Rebecca spins turning to him.  “What are we going to be paid?”

“Depends on what you do.  I’ll speak with Drevon later about it.”  VonWilliams returns back inside his building.

(Aaron continues after Priscilla.  “The next three weeks will be training.  Each of the group leaders will be offering you training in each field.  We all have our strength and we want you capable of surviving your first mission.  By the way I will be helping you in both Leadership and Knowledge.  Neither will be tested or judged under my care unless extremes are seen.”Julia blows a kiss to her group members before climbing up on stage to speak.  “Queen Priscilla, Prince Ryan, and I, First Princess Julia will be helping you train in physical strength.  It will seem a lot like a circuit spending two hours of training with three separate Archs in one day.” Queen Priscilla, King Aaron, and I, First Princess Julia will be helping you train in physical strength.  It will seem a lot like a circuit spending two hours of training with three separate Archs in one day. Adam climbs on stage helping Serena to climb up as well.  “Both I and my friend Serena will be helping you with Will training.  You will soon understand why Miss Serena is here with us today, but that is for another time to explain.  The circuits will start with you in your normal group.  Jeremy offers us a quick smile before following his co-Archs.  “I will be handling Magic.”

Jeremy’s magic; priscilla’s strength; Adam/Serena’s Will; Ryan’s strength; Aaron’s knowledge/leadership; Julia’s strength.    2 hours apiece

Rope swing (D A R L, F); spider climb (A, D); rope climb (D A R L, F); balance beam (D A R F, L); rock wall (D A, R L); monkey bars (D A R F L); the ledge (D A, L R); stepping stones (D A F L, R); rolling ball (D, A, R); bar jump (D,A)

((Aaron looks at the time.  “You’ll beat Jack, you know.”

“Sheez.  The obstacles are harder and the time shorter.  Most of these kids will manage this course in five minutes after a few years here.  Drevon may get it before the year is out.”  Jeremy nods at the shaman.  “I’ll do Jack tomorrow for you.”

“Queen is tougher.”  Aaron hides his watch.  “And King gives you two minutes to handle ten obstacles.”

“Ace isn’t even possible.  Not even Queen Priscilla has managed.”  Ryan nods.

Aaron nods, too.  “A minute to clear ten obstacles?  I don’t mean easy to handle obstacles either.”

“Nothing is better than learning the language, though.”  Drevon smiles taking my hand casually.  “I would love to teach the group a few words.  I told Lucas one very unique word in my language: Pehtema.  It kinda means the one who stole my heart and refuses to return it.”

“So that makes it King and Queen, First Prince and First Princess, then two in prince or princess titles.  Four in duke or duchess titles.  Four in count or countess titles.  A total of fourteen Arch positions.  And we can give them everything an Arch has.”

“We’ll need to create another apartment hall then.”  Jeremy sighs looking me over.  “When did you think of this?”

“Just now.”  I shrug looking around.  More is moving in and out.  I spot Henry looking half drenched from his work out.  I almost forgot he runs every morning.  “You said to boost positions and considerations.  From position 15 to…”

“Fifty.”  Jeremy nods.  “Will be Noble.  From fifty one to one fifty will be Upper Deck.”

“One fifty to three hundred can be Mid deck.”

“Three hundred one to five hundred can be Low Deck.”  Jeremy nods.  “But we won’t change those numbers until later.  For now, we’ll leave up to twenty five noble.  Up to a hundred Upper.  To Two is Mid and three is Low.  We have no Minions currently.”

I nod.  “We’ll change the rest come June when we get the massive influx of new members.  Until they reach a two in leadership, they’ll be called minions.”


Red and delicious, or green and tender; make these apples, a real big seller

Identity point the way, bring me where I wish to stay (bring me where I wish to be); with an arrow show the truth, within this labyrinth’s roots

That which hides past my door, whether helpful or seeks scorn; in high def picture or sound, who desires entrance now.

Solid or hollow, metal or wood; with or without key, lock against everybody.

Solid or hollow, metal or wood; with or without key, unlock just for me.

Show me that which hides within, shadows or equipment stored; give me what does not fit, so I may relax a bit

Block the water and fire, keep us safe with wind and sand; default the power backwards, as if it never left him.

Soothing wind of guidance light, reach those who call me allies; release their damage and fear, give them hope and bring them here.

Protect me from enemy, shield me with ease of speed; cover my defensive fails, as to make myself prevail

Clouds and storms roll on through, bringing news of floods to you; catch the sunlight up in fog, nature brings this world waterlogged

Made by hand, destroyed by hand; fix your corners, fold and flat

Make this milk and banana, twist and turn and mix it up; banana pudding is goal, success could only taste good

Clay figure form come to me, show the world what I mind see; clean you up and color too, make the form perfect for her.

Baths are good, baths are great; get him clean, looking great.

Spirit of the nearby zone, enter the newly made form; whether male or female match, make this form almost living.

Jerek of inside my head, give my clay figure life; match with gender color age, turn him almost living now.

Dismiss the being with me, dismiss the spirit from me; turn the clay figure to dirt, Jerek’s spirit should be freed.

Surround the target’s body, keep them completely safe; deny the wounds from hurting, refuse their target’s fight.

(2)Clear my zone of harsh spirits; let them all be calmed now.  Disperse the souls released; free my friend of current pain.

(2)Refusal of wounds and earth; carelessness rebuttal made.  Protect the weak and the strong; whenever something goes wrong.

(2)Flight is all I need right now; stable within the wind’s howl.  Let me move free up or down; ground is for my enemies.

(2)Stop the engine, gas and line, as a group we are not fine; take us to our resting place, where I should rightfully be.

(2) Fire in the dark night sky, scorning up the grassy earth; stop the destructive pathway, remove the fiery pain.

(2)Living creature of my mark, sleep until the daylight starts; dream of pleasure not of pain, hold on fast to perfect sleep.

(2) Identity point the way, with an arrow show the truth; the place’s direction true, show the distance, speed, and who

(2) Image in my head, let me become it; hide my true body, show off my vision’s

Living creature on the ground, sleep until the daylight starts; dream of pleasure not of pain, hold on fast to perfect sleep.

Divad Locks who’s close to us, enter the newly made form; whether male or female match, make this form almost living

Fire hear my call, light the enemy; show them what you are, passion light and heat.

Stranger who wronged me thus, be rewarded with this; see and feel damage done, judgment will begin now.

Solid or hollow, metal or wooden; lock against people, except Rebecca.

Storm friend that shocks and awes, creating light within dark; hit the mark perfectly, my pulse of lightning strike.

Burn my enemy in sight, turn their clothes to ash and soot; make their open skin flare and flame, turn their area to dust.

Winds hear my call, destroy them all; teach them to fear, make them fly free.

Swirling tempest of the sky, show me what can really fly; create a vortex near me, capture every enemy.

Fire’s too hot for me, blast of air cools thee; freezing cold to match, like ice in winter.

Flowers underneath the ground, bloom as if the spring was found; show off beauties left and right, keep them blooming until night.

(4) Break me free, wind as you please, fight your enemy, level the earth around me.

Water is the nicest friend, who lets me play, without jumping in, walking is a useful trend.

Silent words of wisdom, leave with hope fulfilled; deny my power card, let only me access.

Handcuffs caught around my wrist, holding tightly to myself; release the trigger with light, drop to the ground charged high.

Listen to my clear questions, answer so that truth’s revealed; slowly with every detail, explain with comfort and joy.

Before with an arrow point, guide me with possible route; show the direction to take, let none beside me know it.

Scan Killeen for any life, pictures of those caught there; instead of sending help in, remove all the living out.

Connect me to Drevon, bind our minds for a time; let the shaman converse, through our thoughts loud and clear.

Soothing wind of guiding light, reach those who call me allies; forest cover keeps them safe, pull them out so we can flee.

Awaken the magic, open to the power; turn him into a mage, let him be one inside.

Show me where we are at, turn this into a map; offer all lives marked, change to suit movements made.

Release the spell, give me freedom; allow movement, break inertia.

Whoever is near, name them in the key; leave us with knowledge, point us to allies.

Solid or hollow, metal or wooden; repair and revert, become what you were.

Path for those who take, seal until I wake; keep my mentality strong, block us from mental hits

Blow away my foe, send him far away; leave me free to help, boost my healing spells.

Draw her power out, break the spells surround; sink the mana here, make my tiger glow.

End the draw, stop the take; become free, leave mana home.

(6)Varying the rock sizes, gliding through the current zone; keep them going forever, until it hits a life form.

Gliding rocks nearest me, turn the speed up to three; pass through the active air, beating up enemies.

Like a brick, let her sink; Rebecca, needs a drink.

Judges are a pain to have, leave the mind alone for now; give my friends a clearer mind, make the spells end before time.

Begin what you had begun, settle where ever you land; make those who would take my life, feel the power of your spell.

(7) Earth belongs on the ground, wind calms to not a sound; release those trapped here, settle the atmosphere.

Scan the zone for any mage, enemy or ally please; instead of sending help out, force them to the stage right now.

Deny transformation spells, show us the truth without bells; wearing this will keep them true, every pause this will renew.

From dawn to dusk, clouds just a husk; storms are denied, all day outside

Water is the nicest friend, who offers heals without end; consider one worthy if, they ask for help often enough.

Floods of downpour rage, seeking enemies; make a water stage, cause thier hopes demise.

Strengthen those who never died, make them feel a mile high; those who were executed, make them lose the will to win.

Explain who set the fire, show us what did transpire; start when someone new came here, end when I could overhear.

Person who caused your end, show me the things you know; let us become your friend, so we may stop your foe.

My thirteen zodiac, let us begin a pack; connect with Nature’s life, start a mana contract.

When Quince Wong checks his share, bring us to his world view; make my friends and I there, awake and ready too.

Props for reaching the bottom of this notes section.

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