Notes are Required: Teen Test Train

teen test train freshman
teen test train sophomore
teen test train junior

Teen Test Train Notes
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Freshmen and Sophomores have first drafts complete. Junior is being worked on. It’s either going to be five, six, or seven books long. Until the series is fully written, I cannot begin the rewrites.
Notes are Required

Division 8 freshmen

Hawk (calls Stephan carebear) (Jager; hawk) (Julie) animal Dewfeather (leader) (Anthony) (Pete; bird)

Poison  Thief Snake (Greg)

Bolas (Chinese) range Longarrow

Sharpena Blade —

Axen Warrior Pieces

— Mage Jolt (Joshua)

Silver(mage)   Mink(animal)

Divison one: Fred Tailor(Wyrm)   George Stanilano(Wall)  Timothy Kenn(Wick)   David Writes(Tracewalker)   Alex Reinmon(Shot Gun)   Stephan Rimounger(Fireheart)  Off-Red         BethAnn Somerset(Ocean)    Suzan Quif(Brick)    Tracy Aavark(Beaver)   Amanda Breeni(Owl)   Melissa Daners (Ashe)   Sandy Knot(Shafta)   Butterfly

Tracy animal trainer   david   Melissa  bladesman  stephan   BethAnn mage tim

Suzan warrior george   Sandy  range alex   Amanda  thief  fred

Blackbones (hawk’s brother) A-8 Junior (Javier)

Spray (Hispanic) mage A-8 Junior   Luna

Silent (spray’s date) junior B-6 thief

Sand senior A-2 bladesman

Rock senior A-1 animal trainer  gay (simple)

Simple A-8 senior bladesman  gay (rock)  (used stephan.  Can order stephan to duel)

Hardbones (bff with simple) senior A-8 warrior

Meeni junior B-7 mage  (blackbones date; big boobs)(Anna)

Deepthroat A-2 freshman thief

Scout ranged trainer

Visha math teacher master spanish friends with ivory  (Diana)

Ninja  (Adam Rimounger) (the brother)  with vicky/victoria

Guard school “principal”  (Jimmy)

Menda sophomore  (mom catering business)

Mystic sophomore 11-B (healing mage; first gen)

Twig junior 2-A range leader

Di bladeswoman junior

Alis senior 8-B leader/ex leader

Tip 12-A freshmen thief
Buggy freshman animal

Hammer freshmen war

Rose freshmen animal  4-B

Braveheart (stephan’s father)

Slash (stephan’s grandfather) (stephan)

Sophomore year::

Caustica 9-B mage jun

Ivy  7-B mage jun

Crystalize, Jez (M), Ivory (Jewel), Fritz mage class teachers.  24 students.  [caustica, jolt, ivy, mystic, Polar]

Polar 11-A (sop)

Sofia and Rye. (ivory’s parents) (Sofia head elder)

Crane (hawk’s father, mage) (Joseph) (Second to head elder)

Kyle (mage) (shadow magic) (8frosh)

Elise (mage 8frosh)

Bullseye (range) (snake’s sister) (Hanna) (8frosh)

Tweet (divison 11 sophomore)

Drake (bladesman f)

[Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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