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I absolutely love Trigger. But it’s not easy to write. Mystery is a skill that I wouldn’t call mine.

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Trigger is a mystery. She’s asexual and there’s a lot of queer individuals in it. Far more than you’d give credit to a redneck area of Pennsylvania. Since most are still in the closet, there’s more hidden notes than normal.
Notes are Required


Daisy Trigger Lee   Zeorb Hollow-town ex military sharp shooter.  Has been shooting since she was fourteen when her father decided a new hobby would help her break out of her shell.  The hobby worked, but not in her father’s desired way.  Was looking at the Olympics but blew off the trials because of the sexualized industry.  Joined the Army(?) at eighteen and stayed her required … years.  Moved back home after only to find out her parents cannot think of anything better for her to do than get married and have kids.  She left them and barely sends a letter every holiday to prove she’s alive.  When the police academy shoved her into the small town, she wasn’t all that happy.  But with years of moving through the ranks easily and a lot of persuading, the town has shown a lot of respect.  She isn’t the eye candy of the police force no matter how kick ass she actually is.  She earned her rank and no one messes with her.  And because of her Trigger attitude when it comes to the patriarchy, sexual harassment cases went up for a while, then dropped to nearly zero.  No one messes with the females ‘just because’ while Trigger has control in the court room.

Rick Stricker.  An author who writes mysteries involving very sexy females in very little clothing who fight while humping every guy from here to tim buck two.  Currently eyeing one very sexy detective who has constantly blown him off.  He found this little town in no where land to start a new series.  The pretty detective will make a perfect sexy cop to star in his newest erotica: Trigger.  He is not interested in her sexually, though.  He prefers making friends with his character’s counterpoints.

Dan Yule: all and like a gentleman in most cases, his speech, though leaves a lot missing.   Hunting buddy.  First death

Susan (Sue) Summers: admin assistant, aka secretary.  a petite character with all the hullabaloo common with city girl wannabes.

Myra Browns: owner of Greg’s Diner.  Fifth generation.  Family is second oldest living in the town.  Daughter idolizes police chief.

Judge Jane Sullen: exfriend of hillary Clinton.  Ally of Detective Lee.  Twin sons: postmaster and police chief.  Police chief likes daisy, daisy hates his “like”.  Daisy has a friendly relationship with postmaster, who is married.

Josh berbank: gay hunting/gym buddy.  Sister Cathy is in town.

Billy Stuhl: hunting buddy

Craig: hunting buddy

Sandy Rite: hunting buddy.  Been friends with Daisy since the academy.  Has a job as an patrol officer in town.  Came here after Daisy became detective as a request to work with her.  Has been out hunting with the guys, but prefers to only go on the trip if daisy will be there.

Ribbon and Gusto, Fred, Cliff, Candice: patrol officers

Chris: ME, who is Daisy’s ex.  He still wants to get with her, even settle down, but besides is pretty much a play boy.  Her parents begged Daisy to agree to marry, but daisy has no interest in chris romantically.  The reason he seems to want to keep her is to say he won.  Toits a forever fight to get her attention and love.  She has no desire to love him.  Extremely flirty.

Steve: EMT, the only full timer in Zeorb Hollow.  The hospital can only handle basic injuries.  Otherwise will call out for help.  The ambulance will bring a person to the nearest real hospital.  The morgue is used mostly for accident and natural deaths between collection by police and pick up by family.

Staple: bar in town.  Greg’s Diner: diner in town

Reverend Ark:  ex EMT.  Desires to help people.  Often times teams up with Myra to solve several social issues in the area.  Friends with Steve.

Kevin Potente: health officer/ rehs  like all public servants under direct dictation of the Sullens.  Struggles with the mayor’s lack of understanding.  Has a habit of seeking daisy out because she has more public health knowledge than the rest.

Ezekiel Yule: dan’s son who is 3 years sober.  Has had drug issues in the past as well.  Turned slightly anti social after coming to terms with his addictions.  Strong work ethic.  Lived with dan.  Brothers: Michael and Dan Jr.

Cathy Berbank: in town for her brother.  Has more than acceptable love feelings for her gay brother.  (murderer)

Iris: waitress at Staple.  Sexy and probably too good to be true.  No one quite knows her desires or expectations. She has a tendency to hit on girls, but has never had a serious relationship.  According to sandy, Iris doesn’t really want a relationship.  Sandy wasn’t even able to go down on her, although they did get a little hot and heavy.  Transwoman without the change down below.  Is a woman inside, but also seeks female companionship.  No one in town knows about it besides Dave, the bar owner.  Dave keeps his mouth shut on the topic of Iris.

Dave: owner of Staple.  A staple in the town just like his bar.  He has no desire to retire although he is getting on in the years.  He has taken in Iris as his daughter and the two of them work the bar full time.  A few part timers from town join during prime hours, but only on the weekends or for holiday shifts.  The two live for the fun times at the bar.

Daisy has a small one bedroom house, basically a tiny house, but with an impressive basement.  In her basement she has her guns under lock and key.  Every single gun is one she knows how to use well.  There is also space for her to break down kills from her hunts.

Currently, Daisy has yet to kill anyone since she joined the town.  She knows there is a high chance that will change, but nothing really happens here.  Most of her work is covering misdemeanors.  When the first murder showed it, people blamed it on a hunting accident.  Hunters aren’t known for their well placed shots.  The second seemed a little spooky, but still left in the accident category.  The third, though, was found out side a motel.  That far into town is not likely a hunting accident.  All three of them seem too alike and too spooky to be separated.  Daisy has to decide if the first suggestion is the truth or is there more to it in this small town.

For the female detective the murders seem far easier than the guy hitting on her at the scene of the crime.  He found the body.  Daisy doesn’t trust the man who said he’s an author.  There is no reason to come to this town unless you have family here or like to hunt.  Why would an author visit?  Could he be the murderer?  Daisy better find out the clues before pinning anyone with this blame.  Murderers get sent to county or state.  Daisy cannot send someone who didn’t do it.  She has to be wary.

Motorcycle sounds cliche. I’m going with big rugged truck or jeep. I’m leaning toward a truck with no backseat and a gun rack. She doesn’t need a back seat. She doesn’t have a lot of friends, but she has a lot of respect. She has hunting buddies. If she goes to the bar, there will be someone who’ll buy her a drink as a thanks. One of the biggest dares kept a secret from the detective is to touch the Trigger without getting shot. She will glare and glower at anyone who touches her, male or female. She has trust issues and lets no one close.

Her faults lie in her lack of a family in any sense of the word. She has a habit of cleaning guns when she’s annoyed by something. And her favorite saying may very well be, “I’ll shove your balls so far up your ass, you’ll become female.”
Sounds like someone I wouldn’t want to meet, but follow just to see her impact. Which is perfect for a main character of a series.

I think the author will fail, but never truly give up. He’ll be the reoccurring guy who tries to get Daisy into relationships with anyone. He’ll be the annoying side kick like character who never gives up while he writes a very sexy verison of Daisy that she’ll get close to committing murder when she finds out. cause you know by then she would’ve accepted Rick as a friend and she’ll feel back stabbed.

2G  Clinton county

Deer season late oct to late jan.

Turkey  Oct. 29-Nov. 12 and Nov. 24-26; and April 29-May 31, 2017. Daily limit 1, season limit 2. (Second spring gobbler may be only taken by persons who possess a valid special wild turkey license.) From April 29-May 13, legal hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise until noon; from May 15-31, legal hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset.

Black bear Bow and Arrow only: Nov. 14-18. Only 1 bear may be taken during the license year.  BLACK BEAR (Statewide):Nov. 19-23. Only 1 bear may be taken during the license year.

Elk (special limited permit) oct31-nov5 plus nov7-12

SQUIRRELS, Red, Gray, Black and Fox (Combined):Special season for eligible junior hunters, with or without required license, and mentored youth – Oct. 1-15 (6 daily, field possession limit of 12). Oct. 15-Nov. 26; Dec. 12-24 and Dec. 26-Feb. 28 (6 daily, 18 possession).

RUFFED GROUSE:Oct. 15–Nov. 26, Dec. 12-24 and Dec. 26-Jan. 21 (2 daily, 6 possession).

RABBIT (Cottontail): Youth Oct. 1-15 (4 daily, 12 possession).

RABBIT (Cottontail):Oct. 15-Nov. 26, Dec. 12-24 and Dec. 26-Feb. 28 (4 daily, 12 possession).

PHEASANT:Male and female may be taken in all other WMUs – Oct. 22-Nov. 26, Dec. 12-24 and Dec. 26-Feb. 28 (2 daily, 6 in possession). There is no open season for the taking of pheasants in any Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas in any WMU.

PHEASANT: juniorOct. 8-15 (2 daily, 6 in possession). Male and female pheasants may be taken in all other WMUs. There is no open season for the taking of pheasants in any Wild Pheasant Recovery Areas in any WMU..

BOBWHITE QUAIL:Oct. 22-Nov. 26 (4 daily, 12 possession).

WOODCHUCKS (GROUNDHOGS):No closed season, except: Sundays; during the antlered and antlerless deer seasons

CROWS:July 1-April 9, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. No limit.


COYOTES:No closed season. Unlimited. Outside of any big game season (deer, bear, elk and turkey), coyotes may be taken with a hunting license or a furtaker license, and without wearing orange. During any big game season, coyotes may be taken while lawfully hunting big game or with a furtaker license.

RACCOONS and FOXES: Oct. 22-Feb. 18, unlimited.

OPOSSUM, STRIPED SKUNKS and WEASELS: No closed season, except Sundays. No limits.

BOBCAT (WMUs 2A, 2C, 2E, 2F, 2G, 2H, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 4A, 4C, 4D and 4E):Jan. 14-Feb. 8. One bobcat per license year. Licensed furtakers may obtain one permit each.


MINKS and MUSKRATS:Nov. 19-Jan. 8. Unlimited.


COYOTES and FOXES (Statewide) Cable Restraints: Dec. 26-Feb. 19. No limit. Participants must pass cable restraint certification course.

BEAVERS (Statewide): Dec. 26-March 31 (Limits vary depending on WMU).

BOBCATS :Dec. 17-Jan. 8.One bobcat per license year. Licensed furtakers may obtain one permit each.

FISHERS :Dec. 17-28. One fisher per license year. Licensed furtakers may obtain one permit each.

where rt44 and rt144 meet in “Galeton”  41°37’41.9″N 77°42’59.4″W

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