Notes are Required: Cyro’s Middling Adventure

Remember those couple of Fridays where I posted the entire story as is? Yeah, it has notes. To get Cyro open to helping me write the story, I had to make notes. He wasn’t very helpful.
Notes are Required

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Cyro’s Middling Adventure Notes

Cyro Hartliebe:  White dragon centurian; 111; stubborn; lazy; overall weak as dragons go;

Alexander Hartliebe: silver dragon; centurian; 100; patient; isn’t quick to grasp concepts; gets confused easily; misses basic social cues often;

Erin Hartliebe:  gold dragon; middling; 100; stubborn; hot headed; cares for a flower garden; straight forward speaker;

Cat Hartliebe:  silver dragon; Elder;

Icarus Liber:  gold dragon; elder;

Yua Hartliebe : aka Grandma; silver dragon; Elder;

Cyro’s parents: Mom (aka Cat Hartliebe); a white dragon

Alexander and Erin Hartliebe’s parents: (temporal twins) Mom (aka Cat Hartliebe); Dad (aka Icarus Liber)

Cyro has not been taking his test for middling seriously.  He’s only 110 years old after all.  Mom doesn’t push at all.  Middling tests need to be passed by 500.  He has lots of time.  Care for someone or thing sounds easy anyway.  He’ll do it without issue or effort.  He passed the Centurian test easily enough.  Like most he was able to care for himself before fifty.  That was halfway.

Then his twin siblings reached 100 years old.  On their 100th birthday, Mother came around and granted Erin, hot headed Erin, Middling title.  What?  That makes no sense.  But Mother explained, Erin has been caring for her flower garden for decades now.  Ever since she turned Centurian basically.  What has Cyro done?  What has Alexander done?

The brothers tried to argue there is no way Erin qualifies for Middling.  She cannot care for a single creature.  But Mother was straight forward in the wording.  She proved she has the abilities to handle a horde by caring for her garden.  Prove the same, and you can be called Middling too.

Just because Cyro and Alexander have several hundred years to master caring for a horde, the title of Middling sounds too precious to ignore.  It’s time they started on a journey.  Somewhere is an easy way to prove to mother they can care for something.

In the end, them caring for each other proves they can have a horde.  Protection does not have to be on an item.  It’s not about proving you are the strongest, bravest, or fastest.  Middling title claims you can protect another, a thing, a person, or even a dragon.

The final scene should be them returning to Erin, grown older and wiser, and apologize for thinking she did not earn the title.  Middling is not the hard title to earn.  Elder is.  And that is something the brothers feel they have their sister beat on.  During the adventure they had to learn control of breathe weapon.

Erin just proves can be make the flowers revert back to seed, plant them elsewhere and recreate them to the level they once were.  “You were saying?”

Another series of stories can center on them aiming for Elder status.  But that would require them to have shown an inability with their weapon of choice.

Or as Elders, they can begin picking other titles to aim for.


Silver Lining: silver dragon capable of making it snow at will; aka giving the sky a “silver lining”.

Lightbringer: able to make life grow anywhere, literally.  It brings a light that matches the sun.  Gold dragons only.

Breeder: Has at least ten children of at least three colors.

[WIP: Cyro’s Middling Adventure] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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