Notes are Required: Low Level Demons

low level demons full cover

Some how I missed this one. What’s wrong with me?
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Low Level Demons is about a demon and her friends growing as demons. It’s different. It’s in Tsuba Ren’s world. Love or Die is a companion novel for the series.
Notes are Required

Low Level Demons :: Mission 1-10 + 1/2s within group for book one.

Love or Die (Jack’s the chosen one)

Low Level Demons: Feeling Superior  :: Mission 11-20 + 1/2s within group

Low Level Demons: High and Mighty  :: Mission 21-30 + 1/2s in group

Low Level Demons: Reaching Queen’s Court :: Mission 31-40 + 1/2s in group

Not Really Low Level Demons ::  Mission 41-50 + 1/2s in group FINAL

Generally speaking, it should be level per mission/chapter, although not exactly.

Table of Contents:

Mission one:  meeting the clown

Mission two:  Disrupt soccer

Mission three:  Pirating 101

Mission four:   Pirating 102

Mission five:   Rocking the boat

Mission six:  Breaking contract ties

Mission .5A: Ryan’s View: Fox Village

Mission .5B: Roger’s View: Running Away

Mission .5C: Adam’s View: Not Compassionate Enough

Mission 5.5: Adam’s View: Roger’s Depression

Mission seven: Herbalist’s Garden

Mission eight: Down with Poisons

Mission nine: The Fox Village

Mission ten: Finally Mates

Mission eleven: Greater Beast’s Item

Mission twelve: On the Surface

Mission thirteen:  Acting as Leader

Mission fourteen: incomplete Saving the Weak

Mission endA: Count’s View: Leaving Ryan Behind

Extra notes:

Extras: Information from the series

Low level demons story with clown entrance.

Group Five : Cat, Ryan, Roger, Leo, Adam

Cat Sharpclaw:      Fox demon; 24 yr old; main character; has sight (past); can read minds (reader); mental trainer; deep sleep; manipulate metal; weak version of fox fire; hates rabbit demons; has a bag of coins which contains coins from a lot of different cultures and lands including some that no longer exist; Search the Earth; contract with Kyle Redfox (to manage and control Ryan); flight; copy skills from another’s mind; offer skills to another mind;

Starting rank : 2 -> contract : 2 -> exp : 4 -> story 2 start: 5 -> story 3 start: 7 -> story 7 start 13

Ryan Redfox:    Fox demon; 25 year old; main character’s friend/ family mate/ bf; human mother; born human; father- Count Kyle Redfox, 47th rank fox demon; 1st fox fire at 5 yr old; fox fire; use salt for purify; manipulate meat (high loss); teleport; wings from contract; Ice Cold, low level of Blizzard; energy transfer/ force human; Heal;

Starting rank : 1 -> contract : 7 -> story 2 start: 8 -> story 3 start: 8 -> story 7 start 13

Adam Skyling:   Crow demon; 36; earth bound demon; has sight; beautiful; half Asian, half European, ‘half’ demon; teleport; learning mind reading and mental training; flight; tapping device; bomb;

Starting rank : 1 -> contract : 2 -> story 2 start: 3 -> story 3 start: 4 -> story 7 start 9

Roger Cullens Magus:   born human, contract bore demon; black guy with beaded hair down to chin; loss hearing from accident, contract fixed hearing; happy go lucky personality; bat demon; flight; sonar; projection; silence; unsilence; laser beam; Cast Di;  from NJ, was a mobster; Heal; Cure;

Starting rank : NA -> contract : 1 -> story 2 start: 4 -> story 3 start: 5 -> story 7 start 11

Leonard Baker:   born human, contract bore demon; blond; average looking; religious zealot; unhappy with human life; hates demons; shape manipulator; Lycra nickname by higher ups; jerk; rabbit demon; had ex-wife; was avid fisher; Confusion; Fear;

Starting rank : NA -> contract : 1 -> story 2 start: 2 -> story 3 start: 4 -> story 7 start 10

Clown:    Demon; collector for this demon group; has a high ratio of success; ugly clown; prefers male candidates; light sleep; demon medical knowledge;

Rank: unknown, within first ten set.

Demon guard:   eats dead people’s screams; guard for benefactor; looks down on new demons; extremely ugly;

Rank: unknown, 1 or 2.

Lucindia vonZiege:   force trainer; very pretty to a point of looking like a human princess; is NOT the demon princess, although referenced as such; grandmother volcano fire demon; daughter of Lugwig; goat demon; fire;

Rank: 4

Tall demon:  Mission sender; never saw a real human before; refers to people by their group number;

Rank: ?? (low)

Jue:  Brings groups to the surface for missions; 110 years old ish; looks like a run of the mill human teenager; pimples; long limbs;

Rank: 1

Roddy:  grown craggy imp; squat ugly demon with a long stout and long crooked fingers; wrongful smile plastered on his face most of the time; leathery skin colors range between molten lava and horse shit; purpose is to control training demons who were once humans;

Rank: 4

Lugwig vonZiege: goat demon; leader of low levels; best friend and distant cousin of Kyle Redfox; leans into wind/earth magic; model like human form; bi; group teleportation; magical counter; was sex slave of Kyle Redfox for six years; Flick’s rapist;

Rank: 13

Jacob Turncoat:  Rat demon; poisons master; enemy of Edward; practices poisons on unsuspecting wanderers;

Rank: 18

Edward Swoops: bat demon; well trained in healing magics; enemy of Jacob;

Rank: 19

Flick : A mental trainer; reader; sight; good looking; asshole rank 10 (Lucindia’s comment); sexual predator; straight; respects Kyle Redfox; raped by Lugwig;

Rank: 8 -> story 7 start 8

Richard:  A training demon; Leoani?; common and plain;

Rank: 5

Jackie: the food teleporter for the boat

Rank: 5

Rehmannia: herbal master who trained Jacob and Edward; under Redfox now;

Rank: 40

Fox Fire:    A game created by fox demons.  It gained popularity underground not too long before the start of the story.  The game uses eleven cards and a series of picking up and putting down unique to the game.  It is made for two players and tends to end up a sexual turn around.  The loser would end up being the winner’s pet for a given time.  Rarely would the game be completely one sided.  Because of the way the game and deck is played it tends to be when generally played half and half, giving both participants a chance of controlling the other.  Since Cat always loses to Ryan it makes one wonder if he is really that good to overwhelm her always or is he using a special magic trick to win each time.

Mites:       Little half breed imps.  They range in rank between 0 (minor demon) and 1 (lesser demon) and are commonly used as pets or traveling companions.  At level 1 they can use teleportation of self and up to 100kg.  Their minds cannot handle any higher, but with a special contract they could proceed higher in level by naming a new demon type.  Half breeds who are level 1 are called Mite as a major insult.

Dacoi:     Demons who are the best at torturing other demons for any reason.  They dislike gaining the needed knowledge, but can make any one suffer to the point that their life can barely handle.  They are not known for killing.  They are also not known for getting too high in level, although there is one the Queen keeps in her consort leveled to 45.  Not only are they good torturers, they look intimidating with their bulky build.

Leoani:    The basic demon.  Their demon looks can include, not always, wings, horns, and tails.  The color ranges between whites (rare), reds (uncommon), browns, and blacks.  There skill set is all over the place.  Normally a Leoani comes out when too many different types intermate, but none of them overpower the others.  They commonly have claws on both hands and feet.  They also tend to have red, black, or white eyes.  Their human appearance ranges as much as their demon appearance.

Out of Order spell set:    This spell means you no longer are forced to listen to superiors.  Any demon found with this spell will be killed as quickly as possible.  It is the demon queen’s order because this spell screws up the ranking system of demonkind.  Only S or future S ranks are allowed this spell.

Force trainer vs mental trainer:  A force trainer is a lot like a drill sergeant.  Although they can enter you mind to check skills, they cannot influence the mind.  It is an external training ability.  Few can handle the work of a force trainer; it requires a high intelligence and high defense.  A mental trainer uses the inner working of the brain and energy to create skill and practice.  This is not training the physical body, but with the right technique a person can go from knowing nothing about a skill to knowing everything without using it.  This is good for high class energy working or things that are dangerous to wield.  Both force training and mental training are required to fully master a spell, but having a trainer for both sides is not always needed.  Mental trainer is an internal training ability and requires a high intelligence and high energy defense.   *Physiology vs Psychology*

Energy transfer:  Any demons can offer stress relief and energy support through blood, but as one powers up with the skill set they become capable of offering their energy without the use of blood or touch.  A higher rank can fully support a lower rank.  Lower ranks can help stretch a higher rank’s power, but cannot fully recharge it.

Sleep/Rank Up:    A demon does not need sleep like a human does.  Energy supplies slowly recharge while awake.  Sleeping speeds up energy recharging.  Normally demons are trained to follow the sleeping habits of humans before they go above ground to live with them.  Sleep also allows for ranking up.  Ranking up is basically a full reboot of the demon’s systems.  Without sleep, a demon will remain at first rank.  After using up all of a demon’s energy, they tend to go unconscious.  After taking max damage a demon will fall into slumber to give itself a fast recharge.  (HP=0 / MP=0 demon sleeps)

Lifemate:  Demons chose a lifemate for children purposes.  They tend to be the one they have the easiest time with almost a true love type of deal.  However, the only one a demon can truly love is the Demon Overlord (Queen).

Minions vs demons:  minions can die a normal death like any living creature on the surface.  Demons need to be broken down to body pieces that contain less than 50% each to actually die.  Minions normally have one unique ability such as the squirrel’s Seek.  Demons normally have a host of abilities and can gain more with contracts or through special skills like Cat’s read and write.  Demons can be poisoned and put into a state of stagnation which may last for long periods of time.  However demons do not need to eat or sleep or anything that a human would consider to be normal.  Their bodies absorb surrounding latent energy and use it for a slow repair of the body and mana levels.  Minions need both food and sleep to exist properly.

Leoani  (any)mixedNone; any
Dacoi  (low-mid)(ox)Torture
Goat   (mid) Wind
Rat    (mid) Poisons
Bat     (high)Banshee (albino)Healing; flight; silence; sonar
Rabbit  (low-mid) Shifting (common); electric
Crow   (low)All birds demonsFlight; weak energy balls
Fox    (low)All medium carnivoresBeauty “trophy”; foxfire (heated light)
Volcano  (high)No animal formFire
Scorpion  (mid) Earth
Spider   (high)  
Snake   (high)  

Albino demons~ when white coloring is rare and happens plus the demon’s demon form is weak against true mortal sunlight or weaker against angelic items.  They tend to face off against stronger events pushing them higher in level if survive just because they are different.

Dacoi~ normally contract themselves for a demon lord at a low level and gradual reach up to about two or three levels below their master.  Sometimes they cannot manage to gain that much such as the case with the queen’s dacoi at 44, seven levels below.  They train in dacoi village with lifemates and demon who lost their lord as children to use torture to induce anything from anyone without truly harming them.  They accept no one else for training.  They are not smart, just skilled and follow whatever their master tells them to do.  By the time they call adulthood (30yr) they are already happily contracted.  They are a demon who uses ox animal, but rarely ever.

Goat~  goat society tends to live in hard to survive places for many others.  They like the high winds and low atmosphere of high mountains.  They train endless against winds and as they turn adulthood they are told to spend ten years away from the village.  If the demon does not return at ten years with honor and ranks, they are not allowed entrance ever again normally meaning it cannot gain a lifemate.  Cases that a demon enters much later in life are made, but only if they find themselves allied with the demon overlord or one of the princes.

Rat~ although found generally speaking anywhere, they keep to themselves mostly.  Rats like to be alone to study poisons.  Many will contract other demons for testing of new poisons.  Village of rat demons consist of random rats who are looking to train with a demon in an act of poison making and one or two full families (three or four generations worth) minus whoever is on quests for knowledge.

Bat~  these demons are difficult for low or even mid to deal with.  They are considered valuable to any demon lord especially those in place as prince.  Often time bats gain sight, so with projection and skills in sight they are the best to form connections with others across space.  To use them without contract it costs large sums of money (normally in form of a desired item).  They can fly, use sonar, silence, projection, and healing.  They make the best contracted demons, however with their skills and high intelligence if they disagree with you they will break contract.  Because of all that, they act noble most of the time treating lesser demons as scum.

Banshees, which are the bat’s albino form, move away from common bat society.  They use more silence to flee everyone staying alone the bulk of their lives.

Rabbit~ many rabbits stay untrained on purpose making large rabbit villages with low leveled rabbits and a few mids.  They can be found in prairies and plains none too common around the demon world.  Rarely are they contracted because they have a tendency for laziness even among orders.  Difficult to work with because they hate following orders and commands only doing what they have to when strictly commanded to do so.  Even with refusal to train, about 90% of rabbits can shape shift and do so on occasion.  They like to make fun of anyone they meet.

Crow~ any bird demons are called crow.  90% of crows have black feathers looking like a crow when in animal form.  The last percent looks like another type of bird and have their feather coloring.  They live in around ten family wide villages having their own social order even if they never reach more than 2nd rank without leaving the village.  They are surface demons living on rock outcropping in the middle of open water.  Sometimes they use their collective energy to hide the entire rock or just the village from mortal notice.  The lead is called a Chieftain and keeps strong contacts to other crow villages.  They train their youths to first control their forms then use magic (energy balls).  Many do not get very strong with either, but manage to complete the spells to be granted adulthood.  Some are just given a passing grade if they understand and reach adulthood while still training.

Fox~ known for their beauty in demon form that is their normal reason for capture.  Called trophies under contract, they are rarely used for anything but dancing partners or waitressing during social events or as maids and room attendants outside that.  They all can use the purifying spell foxfire (many can use salt as well like Ryan).  These demons, even though they tend not to train at all, are the strongest against angelic magic.  They live in small family villages near cities.  Demons pass through stealing them or offering them trades of worth.  Everyone both loves and hates fox demon, normally it’s a love to hate them.

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