WIP: Low Level Demons

WIP: Low Level Demons
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Low Level Demons

I have a lot of different fantasy stories. Low Level Demons is about a group of demons and their growth.

The main character is Cat Sharpclaw. She starts out at level two of a 50 level demon system. A demon higher in level can command a lower level to do things. Her closest friend and lover Ryan Redfox is more protagonist in the beginning. She’s following him on his quest to reach his father.

It’s a secret, but Cat is the real protagonist.

Count Kyle Redfox is one of those kinda sorta antagonist, kinda sorta teacher.

Each “mission”, which is how the chapters/stories are named, compares to about one demon level. That doesn’t always happen, because each mission is a mission, so levels happen generally with the missions, but not always. And some characters level and others do not.

The missions are done in first person point of view of Cat. The half missions, basically side stories, are from another demon’s first person point of view.

The goal is to have the missions be short stories about seven thousand words long. They should each be able to be read separately, although that will not always be the case.

Current book organization::

Low Level Demons :: Mission 1-10 + 1/2s within group for book one.

love or die j

Love or Die (Jack’s the chosen one)

Low Level Demons: Feeling Superior  :: Mission 11-20 + 1/2s within group

Low Level Demons: High and Mighty  :: Mission 21-30 + 1/2s in group

Low Level Demons: Reaching Queen’s Court :: Mission 31-40 + 1/2s in group

Not Really Low Level Demons ::  Mission 41-50 + 1/2s in group FINAL

Generally speaking, it should be level per mission/chapter, although not exactly.

If you are interested in these stories, I have missions up to 14 complete. Fifteen is started. Love or Die is a multi-ending novel. The goal there is for Wilhelm, the main character, to pick every option available to him. The real story is Jack’s ending, though. That novel is complete as is several of the other endings.

I do not like the cover for this book, but that’s because it’s the wrong title, font, and even image. Although I can do a fox on cover for first book. Feeling Superior with three tails. High and Mighty with five tails. Reaching Queen’s Court with nine tails. Then the final book: Not Really Low Level Demons would be… I don’t know…

Each print book would be about 80k words long. Not excessively long, but long enough to say novel.

Nothing is set in stone. Can’t be until the series as a whole is done. This series is both in edits and first draft. The first book would be considered complete. The novel companion is also complete. But books 2, 3, 4, and 5 are not. I’m not even half way through book two.

I love the stories. I love the characters. It’s fun writing about them.

But they are one of many series/stories that are half finished. I have too many works in progress.

Let me know if you’re interested in this series.

Genre: Urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal. Poss: erotic, horror, light novel

Age: adult. Twenties would be the proper group, although maturity is needed, which is why it’s marked adult.

Series/World: Low Level Demons and Love or Die fit into Tsuba Ren‘s world. Head of Hart is also within that world. There is quite a number of possible stories meant for this world. I have two worlds that are really focused on demons.

low level demons full cover.jpg
Possible cover?

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