WIP: Reworked Series

I have several stories that are fairy tale in nature. They match to an old fairy tale, but they’ve been reworked in some fashion.

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I have Cinderella Reworked, Snow White Reworked, and The Little Merman Reworked. Something about each makes them similar and different to the old stories.

Cinderella Reworked::

Arissa aka Cinderella

Poorer than dirt, stuck as a slave of her family.  It is much like Cinderella.  But things aren’t what they seem for this young Cinderella.  Arissa has been refused the written word, because if she could read, she’d realize she isn’t some poor girl.  She should be the king’s niece.

All Arissa really wants is not her family back, not that her parents can come back from beyond the ground.  She wants to be able to read.  She craves the written word.  So exchange for learning the written word, she follows her ‘cousin’ back to the castle of her birth.

Cinderella does not have to be saved by the prince to be a princess.  She could be a princess all on her own like Arissa.

Snow White Reworked::

What if the wicked witch was the mother not the step mother?  Don’t worry; true love still wins in the end.

In the original tale, Snow White’s step mother goes after her for being the most beautiful one of them all.  In this tale, the crazy one is Snow White’s actual mother.  The father does not die just gets trapped.  The step mother is pretty great but isn’t treated well by her step daughter.  I give you Snow White Reworked!

The Little Merman Reworked::
In this case, the mermaid is male and the prince of the deep. The princess is question is the human and they were meant to be married. She turns into a mermaid and learns the deep where she will live as queen in the future. Definitely a twist on the old tale.

There are other fairy tales in edits or started as first drafts, but these three hit the notes that say, I’m an old tale, but not really. My Reworked series is fun. I love fairy tales. But let’s skip out on the female needs a prince to live well, okay?

There are no covers for these yet. It will just be a black cover with big fancy fairy tale title and a “stamped” Reworked across the title on an angle. Super simple. Just haven’t made them up yet. The three are capable of being ebooks, but if I create the print, all three will be in one paperback book.

Edits are seriously needed for all three.

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