Promo of the Month: July ~ Troubled Royals~

At this point, I have enough published works to do one promotion a month without any lapses. So, I should promote my books monthly. This month I’ll promo my fairy tales.

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Let’s begin!

Troubled Royals contains four fairy tale like stories. These are not princesses that need saving from the prince. troubled royals front cover

cursed items series cover

The first story in the collection is actually the first story I never published: Cursed Items. But it’s not just the short tale of Crystal getting her female form back. This continues the story about how Crystal and her two friends gain their name and placement back. Her cursed item started a domino effect that will change the fate of her entire world. The ebook is $2.99 sold separately. Cursed Items:: Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  Amazon


In Missing Royals, Autumn makes decisions for her and her siblings. Once they found a way to support themselves, though, her parents drag her back into their world. Turns out, Autumn is the queen and king’s oldest child. And currently one of only two alive. The second being the brother she has kept hidden. To protect her siblings, she will step forward into the royal world. Crown Princess has a nice ring to it, but Autumn never thought it would come before her name. The ebook is $2.99 sold separately. Missing Royals:: Amazon  Smashwords  Barnes and Noble

crown princess antimony

The shortest of the collection is Crown Princess. Antimony was the first born child of the king. She is also the only heir left after many years of struggles. Her father runs off and while she acts as queen, he sends another annoyance to create trouble. This ebook is free where you can find it online.  Crown Princess: Smashwords  Barnes and Noble

annabella and Ji 2

Finally, the newest short fairy tale is Annabella and Ji. Princess Annabella is marked as the dragon’s from birth. Ji is too young at the time to realize the intent, but growing up as the dragon guarding the princess left him falling in love. More than that, though, he has a best friend in a species separate from him. Is this everything Ji wants? No, not at all. Annabella will support her best friend no matter what. He protects her. She supports him. This ebook is $2.99 sold separately. Annabella and Ji: Smashwords  Barnes and Noble  Amazon

full cover trouble royals

None of these are traditional fairy tales. Pure fiction accounts of princesses struggling through chaos. I hope you enjoy them.

Troubled Royals can be found on a number of sites. Amazon being the big one.

Want me to find any book for you on a specific site?  Just ask.

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns send me an email or leave a message here. The comment section is not set to automatic because I have a stalker. If you are not a stalker or spam, I will post the comment. I always read all the comments. (The stalker’s comments piss me off. The spam ones are just funny.)

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