WIP: Dragon Bloods

Dragon Blooded is a fun and interesting series that falls into urban fantasy.
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Humans find out they have dragon blood while living on Earth. They get to come to terms with their new skills and power. The main goal for the fledglings will be going to the dragon world where they can learn to be real dragons.

Currently two are complete. I have most of the colors already planned. There are ten colors for my dragons: white, blue, green, red, black, silver, electrum, copper, bronze, and gold.

american white

American White (1990s, I believe)

Carter Lyons is a junior focused mostly on college admissions and football practice.  Football gave him a leg up from the bullied child.  No one in this town besides his family has only one parent.  And it wasn’t widowing that got him a single mother.  His father left.

But his absent father didn’t leave him with nothing.  He gave him something special just by being born with his genetics: Dragon Blood.  Specifically white dragon blood.

So when he turns white on the football field, luckily during gym not a game, his favorite teacher, Mister Fritz Gofree, comes out as a fey.  The Swamp Elf offers an entrance into the dragon way of life.

Fritz Gofree has another agenda while he gets Carter somewhat ready for dragon life, he wants Carter’s mom.  This infatuation may have something to do with Carter’s mother, Denia Lyons, being not quite human herself.

The three end up on a whirlwind trip figuring out how can a baby white dragon pretend enough to be human and not get caught as one by the world beyond.  They only have to manage long enough until the Elder Dragon reaches them.  But immediate for a dragon can be a very long time.

brazilian blue 1

Brazilian Blue  

Vidonia Brites is a thirteen year old young girl.  The single daughter of a poor family in Pamas, Brazil.  She thought everything was fine.  She wasn’t in the worst position.  And the best position was way off.

Everything changed the day she received her new clothes.  Her father had decided to pay his debts to the police by using her.  The policeman came to take her virginity.  It made her truly not trust the police, or her parents.  Both knew.  Both set her up for this.  She was a payment.

In response to being used as payment, Vidonia attacks her parents.  This young thirteen year old girl fights those who sold her body.  And when it seems she’d only be hit harder for acting out, fire comes to her rescue.  From her mouth?

Destroying the world she knew, Vidonia has no choice but to flee into the night.  Amazon rainforest offers a lot of space to hide in, but she was always told it’s too dangerous.  Now she lives in the forest biding her time. The fire breathe comes whenever she grows emotional, so gaining friendships seems impossible anyway.  Does anyone miss her?

Lexus Grun is a dragon.  He’s proud to say it too.  He is a lime green dragon.  One of few.  And Mother has a request for him.  “Bring the new orphan Vidonia to me.”  No one denies Mother.  Lexus though does not exactly feel comfortable leaving the dragon world behind just to capture the new dragon.  And what kind of chaos did she have to deal with to be alone in this wilderness.  When he hears of her story during his search, his heart hurts.  She lost control.  Her loss made her lose everything.  She’ll be alone and afraid.  He better hurry and bring her to Mother.  She can help her handle everything.

Dragon Blooded possibilities::

German Green. :: Jewish 23ish year old male in Germany as the first wave of jews are incarcerated. Do i want him burning down the encampment or making poison everywhere.  1930s

Russian Silver:: Female whose love died from a drunken brawl.  Age 40s.  She has to restart her life on her own.  1980s?

Nigerian Gold:: Caught between a rock and a hard place, Leena has little going for her.  If she reaches civilian anywhere, she’ll be sent to her captors forcing sexual gratification out of her. They own her literally.  She has to find a spot where she can be free.  Truly free. 2000s

Japanese Electrum:: The Tokyo Tower has finally completed.  It’s 1958 and the trip into Tokyo was just to see the massive thing.  Proud swells Yuji’s self.  Then someone spots him.  He did nothing wrong, so why is he being chased.  By who or what seeks him?  Or who does he look like that makes people seek him?  Either way, his trip to see the tower has turned into a run from the law… or the reverse side of the law.  Either the Americans or the mob will take him in if he isn’t careful.

Chilean Black:: Could there be life beyond the mountain?  … questions that.  When the white man comes, though, it seems life won’t sit around and wait for … to find it.  He has no choice but to follow these men or die by them.  Or maybe their death will stop the interest these strange humans have.  (When did chile start really seeing white men?)

Austrilian Copper::???

Hawaiian Bronze::Before americans own the island.  1920s?

Philippino Red:: ???

Some of the possibilities have more story, none are written as of yet. If you have an idea for any of them, speak up. Some will be harder for me to write than others.

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