WIP: Head of Hart

Head of Hart

[Witches and Demons Series] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Syn: Angelica may be my name, but I am no angel. My real father is demonic making me the same. Hiding within the Hart Family, I can be safe from the white mages trying to defeat my paternal heritage. Being of a far flung branch of the family, no one expected the next head to be me. Except that’s how it works. The one with the demon blood is chosen. How did they figure out my heritage? How do I get anyone on my side?

Oh, right, the trials. Falling for Yuin put me in a strange spot. It’s either survive the trials and become head of the Hart or… well… die. I’m not looking to die. But it seems others are looking to kill me. I hope my demonic heritage can keep me from visiting Hell any time soon.

This is the same world as Tsuba Ren. That would mean Low Level Demons are also in this world. And Love or Die.

This story follows Angelica who does not fit her name at all. She lives in the middle of Europe somewhere. Her biological father is a demon, but has nothing to do with her life. Or generally nothing. She has to hide within the Hart family for protection.

The romance is between her and the heir to the Hart family. Yuin carries demon blood as well. It’s chaos. So many factors are still being worked out. I hit notes that are concerning on the best of days.

But that’s how stories work.

It’s currently on its rewrite to make it even better than the first draft that I finished a few years ago.

Angelica as a person hasn’t changed too much. But the chaos she faces and the complexity of her world has. I had no idea she was in the same world as Tsuba Ren and Laurel. If you read Tusba Ren, you’ll be in for a few Easter Eggs. Or that’s the plan. Both will be separate. Just as Low Level Demons is separate. Same world does not mean they have any interactions.

Several other stories within this world will show up eventually. I have a few plans. But nothing has really worked itself into a full fledge story. Only Tsuba Ren has managed to get published. Low Level Demons and Head of Hart are both finished with a first draft. Head of Hart is much closer to published status than Low Level Demons.

Some of my future plans/notes: Need lots more description.  Need to pick heads of special families in other parts of the world.  Northern Africa:    Northern Asia:  (Georgia, Western Asia:)  (USA, North America: Lloyd)   Southern Asia:   (Chile, South America:)  Australia/Oceania:  (Germany, Europe: Hart)  Southern Africa:  ???

Ten siblings:  Lilith, Cain, Abel,

Ten “witch” families and they’re position across the angel demon spectrum.

Shaman group: Western Asia: Georgia.  See romance plot angelic/shaman.

Basic witch: South America: Chile.

Romance / partnering plot   College kids?  High school kids?  Male is under the angelic blood line and can easily be possessed.  Female is under the shaman/druid bloodlines.  Losing control is a common occurrence leaving her in very odd predictiments.  She was adopted by someone who also dealt with it but only as a child.  Males tend not to have issues after puberty.  It starts of with the female knowing an event was coming.  Her only hope was to move into the bathtub and douse herself with water.  Water balances out the power.  She wasn’t quick enough and ended up floating around town in her far too short nightgown with frilly short pants.  When the floating stopped, she was outside her neighborhood and terrified.  Without ability to contact anyone, she had to return home.  In an effort to not be noticed, she hid behind someone’s bushes while people went about her business.  Due to a random kid hiding in the same bushes and a very good seeker, she was found out.  Her power bursts forth again to protect her cowering body.  With everyone distracted by her minions that will fade with time, she runs all the way back home no longer trying to hide just wanting the ability to lock herself inside her room.

A world where witches can make a difference.  Books where trapped people can do things.  One young niece of a promising witch finds her way to this aunt who didn’t even think about such a turn of events.  Her and her brother, both caught in the thoes of witchcraft and not seeking a family get caught on by both a stranger with an interesting situation (she was getting taken by a magic no one is quite sure about.  He ruins her small business before she can start it.  She has held on for several years, but knows the end is near.  And she fears it is more than just the end of the business, but also her life.)  the niece walks into this situation having removed herself from her parents who cared little for magic and the like.

Having a level of noticeable power, the uncle and aunt do not want to toss the child aside, but have to figure out the business trouble.  This leads to supplying the niece with a place to stay with a witch house in the area.  The father of the house, having been used to growing witches, tries to connect her with witchcraft by using the books of knowledge.

The book she chooses refuses to really work with her, although she has such a good job drawing him out.

The aunt gets involved again to find out the book’s trapped soul was an old man who left several children alone in the world.  This leads the niece on an adventure of a lifetime finding these children and creating a safety net bigger than she ever thought she was capable of.

It’s a fun collection. I can easily expand on so much with this urban fantasy. There are more ideas running my head that I haven’t written down even. I just need to get to work. So many works in progress though. So many plots that aren’t worked on.

Hey, anyone wanna steal some of my ideas?

[Witches and Demons Series] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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