WIP Teen Test Train

There should be five or six books in this series. I haven’t fully decided. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate, Teacher. 
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The first three have synopses. Not that these paragraphs will end up being the final options for the back blurbs. It’s just something almost on point.

Teen Test Train freshman

Fresh::  Some kids want to have an easy high school experience.  Some want popularity.  Some want knowledge.  Stephan Rimounger wants to just survive high school.

Now a normal high school as such a normal guy would mean Stephan wouldn’t’ve had any trouble surviving high school.  However, the high school he managed to get thrust into could be called anything but normal.  Military level training sounds closer.  And it is not just guns and logistics. This is the secret of the secret and they train you before you can even be called an adult.

Plus Stephan is not normal.  Inside this high level school, he is a legend.  Well not him, he still is kinda sucky, but his name is.  And if he does not live up to his name, he will end up dead.  Yup, Stephan’s biggest goal in his new high school is to survive it.

teen test train sophomore

Soph::  High school is perhaps the craziest time in a teen’s life.  Now add in weapons, military training, and magic.  That’s what Stephan has to deal with.  It does not help that his mother is a teacher at school.  It doesn’t help that his older brother accomplished basically the impossible during his sophomore year.  It really doesn’t help that his father decided it was time to return to the school creating new problems.

Add that on to the fact Stephan’s mage friend Mystic and his first real friend from this place, Hawk are constantly having a war.  Oh and Stephan’s a dual class in a world where students aren’t allowed to be.  His biggest enemies are still on grounds ready to make his life miserable.

Plus, because that isn’t nearly troublesome enough, they may force him to switch back to the division who hates him.  Because the Rimounger should be division one.  Stephan feels much better in division eight though.  Will they really force him to switch back?

teen test train junior

Junior::  Back to being called a bladesman, Stephan probably thinks junior year will be a cakewalk.  However, the night before being called a junior, he gets a very concerning feeling in the pit of his stomach.  Ignoring gut feelings is a bad thing.

As if that concern wasn’t enough, Stephan doesn’t have Hawk’s big brother’s protection anymore.  He doesn’t have his own brother’s protection anymore.  And his parents like to see him being beaten up.

How will Stephan handle Simple’s new requests?  How will he handle his girlfriend being the second dual classed student?  How will he handle having Hawk as a girlfriend?  That last one shouldn’t be very troublesome.  But this year looks like trouble is written all over it.

What news does Braveheart bring?

I’m in the middle of writing book three. The rest of the series has vague ideas. You may guess some of the future if you read the current books. I’m not without thoughts how it’s going to work. It’s more minute details are creating issues. My biggest problem with writing this story is… I’m genderfluid. Meaning I switch out my gender randomly (or it feels that way). I started writing this when I was male. This was the book that helped me overcome dysphoria. Being more aware and accepting of myself, it’s no where near as bad. I haven’t had several days in a row in a while either. It’s been nice since falling into the neither category more often than not gives me a lot of leeway. I don’t hate my body as I did when I started writing this story.

But since I haven’t had a good weeklong male event, this story is much harder to write. It’s connected to a piece of me I struggle to find when I’m not male.

Apologies for this taking so long to complete. When I finish the entire series, I’ll go back and rewrite everything. Then I’ll start publishing. This will eventually get there (unless I die first).

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