WIP: A Fire: Born and Bred

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A Fire: Born and Bred
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Blurb:  Two brothers, David and Frelock, stand united against what society has to throw at them.  Born from a dragon father and human mother, they could be called anything besides normal.  Frelock even has the red eyes of the dragon.

Being a dragon is a lot more than breathing fire.  When Frelock burns down his house with his father inside, they learn how difficult it is to be a dragon.  Dragons have responsibilities unlike humans.  Frelock and David set off on a high stakes quest to become what they should have always been: dragons.

A Fire Born and Bred was my first completed novel. And as such, it’s a load of crap.

Okay, that’s not completely true. It’s an interesting mix of fantasy, adventure, and romance. David and Frelock are brothers, twins actually. David was born from an egg the same day Frelock was born from their mother. Even though they have the same parents, David hatched as a proper dragon. You get to follow them on their adventure to claim all their father’s horde pieces. Except they are more bumbling fools than proper dragons. Not exactly. It just feels that way. David knows his brother isn’t capable of filling their father’s shoes. Frelock struggles to handle his own magic. He cannot survive on his own let alone take care of others. But he accidentally killed their father leaving them with too much on their hands.

The entire thing leads them to the dragon world. Can Frelock and David fix what broke? Is the broken item even fixable?

Mostly this story helped me solidify a lot of different aspects of my dragons. No matter which dragon story you’re looking at certain things are the same. Like all my dragon stories have ten colors set into two types: koresurgic and metallurgic. My friend helped me come up with Koresurgic. Solids and shinys sound like crap. The fancy names make it seem better. Koresurgic means solid-like. This really only works as a term when associated with dragons.

Since then, I have written a lot of different works, a lot of novels, a lot of dragons. A Fire: Born and Bred: was probably about where my millionth word was written down. I am proud of the story. It needs work. Work I’m not getting to any time soon.

[Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [Dragon Myth] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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