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Myth Shorts  NJWP
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I’ve not always been alone as a writer. There was even a point where I had a group of writers around me. How serious were the others? I’m not sure. I cannot tell you. But during that time, it was “decided” to make up a short story collection with different myth based stories.

I made quite a few. Actually, it was the reason I created First Meeting. I created a whole bunch of stories not quite myth for First Meeting during this time.

This group was called: NJWP or New Jersey Writing Posse. Cute, right? Everyone in the writing group can be found in First Meeting. Can you guess who?

The problem with the Myth Shorts book we were creating was… I was the only one who really put forth the effort. I made quite a few. I suggested since we were aiming for short stories only a few thousand words long, we’d need a lot of them. There was six of us.

The group just fell apart. As much as I wish the group could have lasted and boosted me, it proved something.

I’m not just a writer. I’m not a hobbyist. I’m prolific as a writer. I’m seeking the next step.

It’s been a few years since the idea came about. It hasn’t gotten anywhere.

Now if I did make a short story collection using the stories I made for the NJWP shorts collection, I wouldn’t use the name NJWP. Because that group is gone. I wouldn’t be against making a group collection of myth based stories. One friend of mine has a few she can add into the book. She made it for the group’s collection that didn’t happen. Then I think, maybe, I can get Cyro interested enough to write a few myth based shorts.

I say that and yet May didn’t happen either…

A good length book would contain about 30 stories.

NJWP Writing prompts I made:

  • Mermaid (little boy finds the lonely mermaid.  stops coming, then his daughter finds her) Innocent Friend
  • jersey devil (fear), Step, Crunch
  • pegasus (son of the great winged horse pegasus, Perry has found friendship is an outcasted messenger angel. new task: give letter to the Demon Queen. Wish them luck), Angelic Outcasts
  • lockness monster (Lake Pam at Stockton)  The Creature of Lake Pam
  • shapeshifter (coyote shapeshifter in southern new jersey.) Lost in a Fire
  • dwarves (three brothers born the same day of the same parents: Brok, Trok, and Drok. all want to win their father’s favor to go to war in his name, but only one may go.) Father Knows Best
  • leprechaun (searching for the hanlons in new jersey)  The Hanlon Key
  • goblins (goblin car bomber.)  Finished without a title Bomber  ?
  • The Blueberry Wand Written more recently about finding a special blueberry wand and the chaos it creates for a small child.

So I have nine stories that work. I think my friend has three more. I’m not saying I couldn’t find or make several more myth based stories for this collection. It’s more it was meant to be a group effort. I put forth the effort. I was planning on handling the formatting. I would turn it into a book. Something to have solid in our hands. I’m still willing to do that.

Anyone else want to write a few short myth based stories for a collection that’s currently unnamed?

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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