WIP: Skill Less

skillless cover

Skill Less:

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Fantasy Short Stories]

In a world where everyone has skills, being without one makes me less than human.  My parents considered death a better option.  The doctors consider death a better option.  Out of pity, my aunt and uncle took me in.  Besides the bullying and lack of social life, my life would be called alright.  I’m used to it.  Then my cousin shows up.  All hell’s about to break loose.

In a world of skills, it sucks to be skill less. Death may be the better option. His aunt and uncle would be disappointed in the youth for picking death even if his own parents wished for it. He will do anything to help his cousin when she shows up having trouble because of her skill. By helping her, he finds out he isn’t alone and unwanted even if it really seems that way.

This is a cute short. I will work on getting it published shortly. It won’t need a lot of work. It’s self acceptance. It’s love of family. It’s learning what it means to be a friend and ally. It learns even if something isn’t noticeable right away doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Next chance I get, I’ll get this on the path to completion. It’s too cute not to.

FYI: This was my first cover I made that I actually liked.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Fantasy Short Stories]

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