WIP: The Bet

The Bet:
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What do you do when your best friend decides the only girl you really have interest in would be perfect to be the nonsense bet: Who can get her first? No. That’s rude to her. That’s rude to my feelings. But… It may be the best idea my best friend ever had. I lack the nerve to talk to her. Now… Now we can be friends. Study partners? I seem to fail at romance.

This is as close to fiction as I get. Honestly, it is fiction. But more it’s romance. And young adult. It’s a sweet little story about a guy falling for a gal. I might give it an edit through and just toss it up on the blog.

The opening as is:

“So she broke up with you?”  A sexy little vixen comments licking her lips while glancing at the girl who she speaks about.  “I’ll take her then.”

The male in question who lost another girlfriend only shakes his head.  He is as gorgeous as a male can be.  He is great at his sports and he is amazing with his grades.  An all around A+ to the girls in school.  He should not be in this school, his father however recently lost his job and they had to put him in public high school.  Since he is used to a higher level of competition it is not surprising to see him being number one at everything.  Few know why he transferred in last year and he would rather keep it that way.

“Phish, she is good enough for me.”  The gay girl comments watching as she begins giggling with her friends.  “Looks to me like she did not take your relationship seriously.”

“It’s gotten around that I have sex with them and leave.  She only let me have three dates before giving herself up and then dissing me this morning.”  He looks about.  “And it is not even lunchtime yet.”

The girl places a hand on his chest looking into his eyes deeply.  “I can make the rumor worse…”

“Even if you were the last girl on earth, no thanks.”  He pushes her off grabbing his stuff from his locker and heaving it over his shoulder.  He won’t be back before lunch and unlike many in his position he wants to do well in school.  If he is not top in everything he won’t get into the program at college that he wants.

“Adam.”  The girl catches him before he walks off.  “We are going to the same math class; you can at least wait for me.”

He stops forcing her to let go as she fishes in her locker.  “You will make me late, come on.”

“What type of popular guy are you?  Just a minute I need to redo my lipstick.”  She stares at the mirror in her locker fixing her makeup like it really needed to be.

“Who are you trying to pick up now?  Aren’t you still with Casey?”

“Nope.”  She stops closing her locker and handing Adam her math textbook.  “We broke up last night because she was not willing to have a sexual relationship with me.”  She grins taking his hand while he rolls his eyes.  “Unlike some people I need my sex.”

“I would probably be more for it if they did not keep forcing me into relationships only to up and leave after the first encounter.  It makes me feel like I was bad in bed.”  He waves her text book around pulling away from her as other students pass by.

They make it to the classroom just as the bell rings.  The teacher looks bothered telling them to take their seats and be quiet.  He begins talking about quadrics, something Adam learnt three years ago.  Adam is still quietly writing down the lesson from the board.

When the folded up piece of paper lands on his desk, he lowers his head in anguish.  She is always bothering him.  He opens it up looking at her and she is not even writing anything leaving her text book closed pointing at his letter with her eyes.  He sighs quietly and opens the letter.  I know, since we both lost our loves this time around let us bet on the next girl.  Aurora Goldfeather looks to be a clear cut win for me.  How about it?

He blinks looking up at the girl diligently writing, the only other one besides himself who takes class seriously.  He has never seen her with a boyfriend either.  Always the first to answer the teachers, she looks to know too much and everyone puts her down.  They have class together most of the day even.  He writes on another letter, No. and tries to hand it back, but he gets another letter too quickly.  We can start after class.  At least she would give you more than three dates since she is a virgin. My goal would be to drop that to two.  Who will win, hm?

Adam stares at his gay friend who only grins back with a pop of her eyebrows.  Even if he disagreed she will be asking her and bothering her.  Of all girls why her, though?  She tends to go for the sporty types and Aurora seems to care little for sports.

The lecture goes on and Adam refuses to give the question an answer.  He stops reading them dropping them on the floor every time she sends a new one.  The teacher turns back at the end of class telling everyone to finish the homework and be ready for a test next week.  Adam gets up quickly in hopes of catching Aurora before she heads off, but she is too quick for him.

“So, you were going to ask her, huh?”

“No, I am just protecting her from you.”  Adam comments moving to the door.  “But unlike you I have class with her next.”

She smiles lightly leaning back.  “You always wanted a reason to talk with her.  You like her.”

A slight blush rings Adam’s ears, but the color does not reach his face.  “Shut up.”

This does need edits. It’s a complete first/second draft. This is the first draft opening.

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