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Lycacon: Wolfish Paladin

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The Lycacons are nobility.  Ryan had no idea who they were, but he had their name while staying with the church.  Because of that famous name he was raised to be a paladin.  It’s been a long life reaching this point where he ends up within the complex the Lycacons keep.  The fact he feels at home and confused at the same time should give him some level of understanding of what’s going on.

He left his family as a child to learn to be a paladin.  It wasn’t a name given to him by the church, but by his father.  Now that he’s returned home, he needs to step forward and become the new alpha of the Lycacon pack.

The problem being, Ryan has never become a werewolf in his life.  Are they sure they have the right person?

This is an insane werewolf story. A southern tribe runs with shaman bloods as leaders. The Lycacons though have a paladin lead. So what happens when the future leader of the southern shaman tribe has to flee for her life? She leaves her old pack to her brother hopeful things will progress smoothly. When the leader of the Lycacon shows up confused after his paladin training her heart goes pitter pat anyway.

Can she be accepted as a shaman leader in the Lycacon pack?

It’s fun and outlandish romance. Adventure mixes with politics although none of the politics are like real life politics.

On a scale from one to five, how willing am I to publish? Five. I’ll get this published at some point. Just not soon. It needs work, a full rewrite. I need to get to know the characters even better than I do now. Besides the two main characters, the rest are more one note than I’d like. I get to decide how much gore this will have. I get to decide how much erotica. Do I want to try for comedy? No. That’s because I suck at it. Forcing comedy doesn’t work.

So when is it likely to see the public eye? Two years? I’d say two years. Although don’t quote me on it.

First Draft opening:

The man could not even look up at the woman sitting beside him at the bed.  He is covered in wounds and his body feels to have suffered much.  The woman was asking him questions, but he was not in full awareness to hear.  He tried, “I was an orphan.  Oh, you want my name, right?  My name is Ryan Lycacon.  You know that last name, don’t you?  The famous family, eh?  Yeah, well, looks like I was handed that name to make me feel better on cold nights.  I have never been introduced with them nor do I have any connection to them.  So most people come up with random names to call me, but for you I wish you would call me just Ryan.

“So you wonder how I ended up here?  Lying in a hospital bed?  Scars covering half my body, weak as all hell and barely keeping my eyes open as I explain things to you?  Well I am a quester by nature.  You say do this for some sum of money and I will oblige you.  I love the easy quests, but this one was by far more difficult than I first thought.

“A lady said all I had to do was hand this letter in person to this dude on Caps Hill out in Longsneck.  You heard of the place, a bit spooky and a bit scary, but she told me it was her family that owned the place.  Her uncle resides there and she would go herself, but her child needed more attention than that type of ride would allow.  She offered quite a sum to bring her uncle the note, too.  I should have realized then I suppose.

“But I had been through quite a bit before and I was unafraid to hand a note to some geezer.  So I went over to the house and knocked on the door.  A few large dogs were roaming around, but someone answered quickly and the dogs did not have time to sniff me.  The old woman who answered seemed a little worse for the wear and questioned who I was and I explained about the letter.  Soon enough the old geezer showed his face and he took the letter and told me to leave before darkness came.

“Too late.  I first started hearing moans and the two people I met started changing.  They look terrified prior to the change but slowly, disgustingly they transform into these beings.  White skin, sharp fangs, delicate features, classy clothes and the look of danger, power, and intelligence.  I knew at that moment I walked into the house of a vampire.  I did the only thing I could think of, repeat every curse I knew while running out of the house.

“Vampires will never give up on a chase.  Never; so I knew all that money I was promised meant little now.  I may have beaten a lot of things in my life, but two thirsty vampires were not on my list of things to kill.  Perhaps if I had brought a stake or some holy water.  Even my demon sword which I left with that girl in the inn would have pleased me.  That girl had someone chasing her too and I could not think of needing my demon sword on this type of mission.  I managed to get out of the house and those large dogs from before fell in beside me.

“Before I knew it one spoke in our tongue, ‘I wondered if you knew what they were upon entering.’

“‘Nope.’  I huffed to the dog thinking I lost my mind.

“‘There is a body of water just past these trees.  Jump into it and call your best blessing from whatever you devote yourself to.’  The dog nods to the other one yelping.

“Soon I was in full prayer hopeful in the middle of a small pond.  I remember feeling each and every shred, tear and rip.  The blood that oozed was taken, but I could still think.  The dogs seemed to help me.”

“Of course we would.”  A man drops in beside the wounded man with a bandage wrapping his arm, but no other wounds noted.  “You said you were Ryan Lycacon?”

The man, Ryan, turns to see the man claiming to be a wolf.  He must be in a dream, but no point not conversing in a dream.  Dreams mean he is still living.  Life is something worth chattering on for.  “I was told that was my name.  I was first living at the church’s orphanage.  Brought up as a paladin to serve the people in need.  With a name like that they said I could be a paladin.  Only true heirs of nobility and true worshipers of the Light can become paladins.  Eventually I passed all their tests, but was unsure of my place in society and left them to quest.”

“Explains the survival so well.”  The woman sitting on his bedside touches his arm.  “Even with such acts as the ‘large dogs’ requested, many would not have lived.  The prayer would have only denied the vampire a full drink or a new captive.  A paladin, eh?”  She smiles and laughs as the man claiming to be a dog sits down across from her.

Paladin Ryan sits up slowly being used to fighting for his life, just normally not for delivering mail, and stares at the ‘hospital’.  He thought he would see the off white room with various gadgets and gizmos common among the city hospital.  Then again they know his name.  This is a small room, pretty could describe it.  A large arrangement of flowers sits on a sill to a window facing a lake.  A knock on the door brings another man into the room.  He stares at Ryan a while before speaking, “Ryan.”

“Yes, he says he is.”

“Seeing him walk into a vampire nest like that?”  The man shakes his head frowning at Ryan.  “Sounds like something a Lycacon would do.  We were going to once we knew whether the two matriarchs were home.  I must thank you for bringing them to us.  I did not think you would live the onslaught.”

“He did not know it was a vampire nest.”  The woman replies taking a wet cloth and smoothing it over Ryan’s head.  “He said he would have been more prepared if he knew.”

“Fool.”  The standing man walks over to the window leaning against the sill.  “He still has much to learn.  How was the church, boy?  Didn’t they send you this way after you earn your paladinship?”

“I was sent no way.”  Ryan touches his chest.  He pulls out a small ring, a child’s ring: a sunstone set into a silver simple ring.  “They gave me this and told me to return when I felt ready.  I thought they spoke of my meeting with some special church guy and I was done with such.”

“Fool.”  The standing man sighs taking his time.  Eventually he stands up fully and holds a hand out for Ryan.  “I am called Luther Lycacon.  I am a relative of yours.”

Ryan took the hand at first, but forgot to shake it when he heard of his family.  “Relative?”

Luther eyes at the two by his sides.  “And these are your cousins, Amy and Rick.”  Amy and Rick look away acting squeamish.  “They should have introduced themselves before hearing this story.  Rude.”  Luther walks out of the room leaving the three in there to chat.

Ryan looks first at Amy and then at Rick.  “Cousins?”

Amy manages a smile at Ryan.  “Yes.”

Ryan blinks a few times as darkness passes over his eyes.  He should not rush his recovery.  He comes to hearing Amy yelling at him to respond.  “Ah, calm down.  I was just fighting a gruesome battle.”

“Sheez, Amy.”  Rick crosses his arm pretending he was not worried.  “I am gonna get him some food and then maybe he will be up for more.” Amy agrees watching Rick leave.

The time between Rick leaving and returning with food is long and boring.  Amy watches a screen that has some lines on it and numbers and letters.  The cords were attached to the bed.  Must be reading something.  Rick enters in with a tray of good foods.  Ryan devours the tray leaving a few pieces here and there for his cousins.

“My son!”  He hears someone yell and rush into the room.  It was a scrawny man, middle aged with an outlandish demeanor.  Ryan rolls his eyes as best he could.  “Ryan has returned?  I have heard your exploits.  I was waiting to bring you home, but never did you seem ready.  Never did you search us out.  Never did you…”

“Shut up, Grandpa.”  Rick slaps the man on his back.  “You sent him away first.  How can you expect him to return?”

“We needed a paladin in the family and what with his parents.”  Amy pats Ryan’s hand as Rick and ‘Grandpa’ go off.  After awhile Ryan dozes to the yelling glad to find things here are much like things in the city where he is currently living.  He is shaken awake to ‘Grandpa’ asking, “You don’t know what you are yet?”

“Huh?”  Ryan looks around the room.  ‘Grandpa’ and Amy were sitting beside him.  Rick must have lost the fight.

“He doesn’t seem too.”  Amy comments trying to protect Ryan, but did not have the right hold on the ‘Grandpa’.  “He said nothing and did not realize Rick and Jack were werewolves at all.”

The ‘Grandpa’ sighs leaning back in his chair.  “Fine.  Boy, the Lycacons are werewolves.  Period, end of story.”

“How could that be an end?”  Amy chuckles.  “Ryan is clueless and learning your truth means little if you’re clueless.”

“It took you six years to accept us as family after we transformed in front of you.”  ‘Grandpa’ stated getting Amy to blush and pull away.  “I am not going to go through that with him.  He will accept it right now and we can move on with our lives training him correctly.”

Ryan rubs his eyes.  “I think I am still dreaming.  This whole mess seems to be a dream.  Werewolves?”  Ryan pauses thinking through his unnatural encounters.  There were many of them and some times he would only seek out to learn a new race or meet a stranger being.  “Sure I can believe they exist.  That’s easy.  Just fought off a vampire and two large dogs who could speak fought on my side, but the idea I am one… that’s a little harder to grasp.  So I am thinking maybe I am dreaming.  I will wake up in town with one of the nurses hoping to take me to bed the moment I feel better.  That is how all my adventures end.”  Ryan nods finding a frown on ‘Grandpa’s’ face.  “What?”

Amy stands up.  “I am sorry I am not one of those nurses.”  She runs out with tears.

“I knew you would accept readily enough, but Amy likes you as a cousin and will not bring you to bed.”  The man shakes his head.  “My name is Ryan Lycacon Senior.  But everyone likes to call me Grandpa.”  He stands up and looks out the window.  “When you are done with your dreaming seek me out I will explain why you are an adult before greeting us versus a child learning from his first steps.”  ‘Grandpa’ leaves the room letting Ryan be alone for a while.

The time passes quietly.  The screen has not changed much if at all.  Ryan starts to tap his fingers.  He has always been a fast healer and even now he knows his body could probably handle walking a bit.  First step is to remove himself from the bed.  As he lifts himself off of it a buzzer goes off and the door shuts and locks.  He hears shouting and Amy enters quickly shutting off the machine.  She glances at Ryan up and down.  “This room holds werewolves who are healing.  We tend to be aggressive when we are hurt and this room is designed to hold us when we are full blown.”  She smiles nodding at Ryan.  “Would you like some clothes first?”  She points at the hospital gown Ryan is wearing.  “You would be laughed at like that, but your clothes were in no shape to help us.”

The complex has always seemed too big.  Turning the corner, the small woman with dark hair and dark eyes, but a pale skin coloring, gasps.  Before her is a man in bandages and light clothing.  His body is big, muscular and tall.  He carries no weapons.  Light brown hair similar in coloring to the sandy soil, and skin pale enough to be called white skinned, although dark enough to be called tanned in the sun.

Her inside wolf jumps for joy as her face becomes a bit hot and she leans against the building she is currently rounding.  He glances her way, but does not seem to notice her.  She must look normal compared to him.  She has lived here much of her life and never once did she see him before.  He must be new.  Does he have a special reason for being here or did he recently get changed?  She giggles and looks at the woman now standing beside her.  “Alicia?”

The buxom woman, who looks more the werewolf than she, has long blond hair and darker skin coloring than the tanning he offers.  Her dark eyes are set at the man’s back as he has gone on further.  “Who is he, Stacy?”

Stacy shrugs watching.  “I don’t know, but he is cute.”

“First time I heard you calling any man cute.”  Alicia stares down at Stacy.  “That is good to hear, but what if he isn’t a werewolf, like us?”

Stacy frowns at her looking at where the man disappeared too.  “Well… I don’t know.  Maybe my wolf just wants a little something to play with then.”

“So, it is your wolf that called at him.  That makes me wonder.”  The buxom woman taps her arms with them crossed.

“Wonder what?”  Stacy pulls on Alicia’s arm.

Alicia pushes the little werewolf away.  “Quit it.”  She walks off leaving Stacy on the ground rubbing her butt.  When Stacy first came here no one considered her anything.  Being from a southern pack and brought north by her mother after her father’s passing, made them believe she was only a spy.  She has proven that she is not a spy, but being different in this group is like being a cup of milk in a field of flowers.  No one wanted her there, but they would not force her out anymore.

A pair of werewolf males starts coming Stacy’s way and she moves to the wall for safety.  The one, she knows as Igor is talking, “So they managed to kill the two matriarchs, eh?”

The second one, who is Luke Stacy thinks, responds, “With the help of Grandpa’s son.”

“He still exists?”  Igor and Luke move on ignoring Stacy on the ground.  Stacy slowly after watching them move further on stands up and wipes herself down.  Being out of place here is like being an orange placed in an apple tree.  What was mother thinking?

“STACY!”  Speak of the devil.  Stacy looks at the woman who looks a lot like herself, but a bit older, with a stronger persona and longer hair.

“Yes, Mother?”  Stacy stares at her mother as the woman stops panting lightly from her run.

“Stacy.  Did you hear that Grandpa’s son is back?”  Her mother’s eyes light up.  “My husband says that when his brother returns was uncertain, but now that he is home then…”


“Ryan!”  Her mother claps.  “He is your age, by the way.  And gorgeous.”  She spins facing the way she came.  “Oh, I am supposed to be at the meeting, but…”

“Can I come this time?”  Stacy asks knowing for certain the answer is no.

“I am sorry sweetheart.”  Her mother sighs patting Stacy’s back.  “You have yet to be accepted as a pack member.  You should marry one of the available men here.  Marriage is the easily ticket in.”

“Pft.”  Stacy crosses her arms.  “It would be easy if one of the males was at least nice to me.”

Her mother pats her cheek before howling and running away switching into a wolf within a few steps.  Stacy watches wishing she could change outside of the moon’s call.  Her skill is not that high yet.  If only they would really train her, many her age can call the wolf for them any night now, but she cannot call outside of the full moon.  She sighs leaning against the wall and looking up at the sun.  “This place is too big.”

Interested in the rest of the first draft? Or you’re interested in the second draft (written in 2020)? Check out WIP: Lycacon. You can gain access to the entire story with a premium subscription to the website.

The current cover is:

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books] [WIP: Lycacon]

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