WIP: The New Merlin

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There is a complete book: The New Merlin and an incomplete book: The New Mage.
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The New Merlin

Three months ago, I set my house on fire with my parents inside.  I’m not a pyromaniac.  Sometimes I wish it was that easy.  No, I’m the new Merlin.  I’m a human mage.  How could I, Cynthia, a nobody, a teenager, could be called the new Merlin?  This makes no sense.

Now I’m trapped in a colony of fey.  I can’t take it.  Just because the humans don’t understand my magic side doesn’t mean I can handle being surrounded all the time by fey.  My future before burning down my house was babysitting my little brother and entering the dating scene.  Now I’m learning to control fire while figuring out how to run Merlin’s shop beside his old gnome friend: Luke.

Don’t even get me started on Merlin’s elf friend Erizel.  That guy needs to cool it.  My first boyfriend will be human and not like a million years old.  Okay he’s only a few centuries, but still.  I’m only sixteen!

The New Mage:

Older sisters are a pain in the neck.  But Willian has one worse.  His big sister is the new Merlin.  She set their old house on fire when Willian was at his baseball practice before he knew about magic.  Their parents were killed.  By Cynthia, the new Merlin.

So they ended up trapped inside a fey colony run by a unicorn.  Nothing a ten year old typically has to deal with.  But Willian after six years is used to it.  He gets to go out more and more as the years pass.  He’s become a top notch potion and wand crafter.  Not a top notch mage, though.  He can cast magic, but he isn’t very good at it.  He has been playing baseball with the county league since they moved here nearly six years ago.

It’s also been the same time frame that his big sister has been seeing the other annoying human mage in the colony.  That mage joined at her behest.  They’re all children of Merlin.  A couple centuries make them look and seem completely different, but the blood lines run with magic.

Times are tough growing up among fey as a human.  They expect things from him he wouldn’t get in a normal town.  That’s why he spends more of his time in the human village than the colony anymore.  He’s sixteen now.  It’s allowed.

Both will be novels. The New Merlin will need a proper rewrite to get to the right quality I’m looking for. I’m nearly done with The New Mage. I think. There are still plots open, but I’m 60k in and closing things. There will be a third book The New Morganna that happens shortly after book two. Then there will be another The New Arthur or the New Lady of the Lady or something. The last book is The New Arthur. That’s where it ends. I don’t know when I’ll get there. Or how even.

I should finish up the first draft of The New Mage soon. This year even. Don’t know when I’ll get to the rewrites though. Or the rest of the stories. So much is up in the air. I’m writing as if I’m driving a car in the middle of a moon-less night with poor headlights. At least I have a map for the general area right now.

This will be my first Nanowrimo book I publish. This was the first Nanowrimo book I wrote. Back in 2012. The New Merlin is old now and still not rewritten.

[About Cat Hartliebe] [Cat Hartliebe’s Books]

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