Bludi’s Character Quiz (Unexpected)

Yes, a second one. He’s the main character of two books after all.

The Character Quiz for Bludi 2 (Unexpected)

Character’s Full Name: Bludi Illiene
Where does character work? He is a nanny, then holds the title of prince.
How many years? Nanny is a short job. Prince is lifelong.
Relationship with co-workers? Positive and negative depending on their view of a half elf serving as prince.
Like his/her job? He loves helping his family and the kingdom. He tries to be extra fair. People generally believe in him as prince (unless they’re racist)
Dream job: This is his dream job. He does not want to be crown prince. Nor does he want to be called king.
What single event would most throw character’s life in complete turmoil? losing his mother. He survives. Past failure s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about: He has to have something, but it’s more he hides his embarrassment even if something comes up in the media. The problem with your entire life being front and center, there ares no hidden parts. All his skeleton have already seen print.
If granted one wish, what would it be? He wishes his father in law didn’t hate him or his kids. It hurts to know Ellone’s father looks upon the three kids as if devil’s children.
Biggest regret? He wishes he regrets things, but always for the greater good. He wishes he regrets destorying all of Adain’s magic, but he did it for the right reasons. He cannot regret when it means the country does not suffer.
Biggest accomplishment: He became Prince and was even acceptable by Nature to become king. Thankfully that was stopped.
Minor accomplishments: He married Ellone and has four amazing kids. He would spend every night with them reading and chatting as if father was his only job.
Character’s darkest secret: He has planned his own suicide and flight multiple times. He never went through with either. This is never mentioned in the stories. I can write up the interview for this. A reader should know he has planned his suicide. It’s never point blank stated though.
Does anyone else know? Anyone who could get the newspaper on the topic.
If yes, did character tell them? Bludi actually sat for that interview and explained the pain of the insult reached the crescado. He wanted others like him to understand its okay to feel that way and to have those feelings. But it’s better to not go through with it. There is no reason to let the enemy win. He had to make the interview because someone found some of his old writings about it. I can write up this newspaper article if requested. It is not found in any of the books.
What four things would CHARACTER most like to change about self? He wouldn’t want to change himself. Not in the normal sense. He has Ellone reminding him what he looks like, sounds like, and acts are all part of who he is. Once she joined his world, his desires to change his physical appearance basically disappeared.
Is character divorced? No. Ellone is his only spouse. And only lover. Although in Leagende taking on many lovers is normal and all children of the wife is the couple’s children, Bludi had concerns with people getting too close to their room’s safety. They are denied other lovers for political reasons. Prior to Ellone, he had no one in the relationship category.
Children: Adain (Zeus), Castella, Isabella (Izzy), and Isis. Meet them in books three through six.
Person character secretly admires: There is no secret Budi admires his mother. He does secretly admire his children. What his oldest son does makes him proud and calmer. Adain does something Bludi could never do. He never had Adain’s confidence and determination.
Person character was most influenced by: His mother did a lot to keep Bludi focused on his goals to help the country. Ellone and Richard pushed him to keep going, keep trying, keep aiming.
Most important person in character’s life before story starts: His mother.
Most important person in character’s life after book one ends: Ellone, his wife. As much as Alaenia is his powerful mother he looks up to, Ellone gives him a sounding board and friend he never had before. Ellone is an equal he seeks. His mother is a goal to become.

Favorite color: Green
Favorite music: The queen’s singing
Favorite food: vegan (he doesnt have to be vegan like elves have to)
Favorite literature: non fiction/ history of Leagende. He also has a keen interest in all the legal books at the castle. He reads magic, but it’s not his favorite choice.
Favorite expressions: lack of expressions. years of abuse made him show little expression
Favorite mode of transportation: his own wings or his own feet. he’ll use a carriage when required, but he’s used to self transport.
Mother (name): Alaenia Illiene
Relationship with her: very positive until the end when her demon blood corrupts her
Father (name): King Tyrone (human)
Relationship with him: nonexistent.
Siblings through mom: Anna and Sven.

Siblings through father: Willhelm, Catherine, and two more I can’t recall.
Birth order: oldest.
Relationship with each: positive with his mother’s children.
Children of Siblings: Has no relations with any of his siblings’s children.
Extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.): Uncle Hank is his only positive relationship beyond immeidate family.
What does he do too much of? Work for the kingdom. The guy just doesn’t think there is an off time.
What does he do too little of? Self reflection.
Most prized possession: Why? His royal ring. It was his mother’s gift for him and gets him access to the castle whenever he wants for whatever reason.
Does character like animals? Yes, but he cannot have a pet for himself. He doesn’t mind care for any animals he finds. He treats them as children that aren’t his. He prefers animals to other elf more often than not. Since animals have never called him ugly or stupid.
Which of the 7 deadly sins does character fight (or give into, willingly or not)? Envy. He’s more often than not envious of a full blooded elf with perfect ancestry. He’s envious of a non existent person, but whatever. (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride)
Drives and motivations? doing the right thing for the country and his family.

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