Adain’s Character Quiz (Unbreakable)

The Character Quiz Adain/Zeus Illiene (Unbreakable)

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Character’s Full Name: Adain (Zeus) Illiene
Reason or meaning of name: Illiene is his mother’s last name and the current ruling name for Leagende. Adain changes his first name to Zeus at the end of Undeniable to be considered the second coming of the previous king Zeus. He was the last king to control the old Leagende before it split into four countries.
Age: 20
How old does s/he appear? He looks like the general young adult elf.
Eye Color: the royal green
Hair color: brown, very average for elves. very long.
Typical hairstyle: ponytail
Height: 5’8″ average for his area, same as his father
Weight: 120 lbs. He is light like elves. He’s stronger than an elf though.
Nationality: Leagende royal
Skin tone: green, med shade, forest elf
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: vegan
Favorite literature: non fiction/ history of Leagende. He devours magic texts. He also has a keen interest in all the legal books at the castle.

Hometown: Kee’s main castle. He grew up the prince. His family liked the idea of him being crown prince or king, but he lost his magic too young.
First memory: He can recall the first few spells he used. Including the terrifying event that removed all is magic. He does not truly recall “Ghost Man”. He does remember his father reading to him every night as a child.
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: When he was going into preteen years, he had Castella block teleports into his room. It was in an effort to stop the queen his grandmother was just appearing out of thin air. He had a level of concern when it came to the queen.
Booksmart or streetsmart? booksmart, but he will do everything he can to become streetsmart too.
Mother (name): Ellone Illiene
Relationship with her: He has a positive relationship with his mother. She pushes him and sometimes he fights it but understands her pressure is required if he wants to succeed as a royal.
Father (name): Prince Bludi Illiene
Relationship with him: Extremely positive. He would follow his father around learning all his tricks. He picked up on the social requirements of a half elf because of Bludi. His abilities as a young king are all because he had such a close relationship with his father.
Siblings: Castella, Izzy (Isabella), and Isis
Birth order: oldest.
Relationship with each: He has a strong close best friends relationship with his sister Castella. They are close in age. He has a fun older brother relationship with Izzy. He looks upon her as growing up too fast (As if he’s one to talk). He treats Isis more as his son than his brother. Isis is about 20 years older, so it’s to be expected.
Extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.): Adain has a working relationship with the queen, his grandmother. He looks up to Uncle Sven and has positive memories of Aunt Anna.
How he feels about self: He has a pretty high self esteem for someone who is mistreated by quite a few people in his life. His mother’s parents don’t offer him any positive experiences. But with the support he receives from his closest allies, he knows he is not a weakness or a failure. Those who insult him are too blind to see his greatness.
Past failure he would be embarrassed to have people know about: His first choice in wife refused to marry him because he was caught out in the capital. He was seeking her, but it doesn’t change the fact he broke the rules. The negative press and punishment made his choice pick another.
If granted one wish, what would it be? To be king. He grants his own wish. Or really his sister does.
Daredevil or cautious? Cautious. He must have knowledge before walking into something. It’s not that he doesn’t doing things that sound daredevilish, it’s more he thought he knew what he was getting into.
Immediate goal(s): Become King. Bring Leagende back together like the previous King Zeus.
Long range goal(s): Stabilize the country. Have a family. Push equality.
How does character plan to accomplish goal(s)? He ends up being handed the title of king by his family. He was going to work sideways to his goal, but was offered an easier step. Then he goes about fighting, defending, protecting, and conversing until he succeeds at his desire to bring all of Leagende back together. He isn’t exactly sure how to stabilize the country or how to press equality minus put laws into place that lean that way.
How will other people around character be affected? Many will end up being punished for their racist ways.

How character react in a crisis (calm/panic/etc.)? If he is ready for the event, he is calm, confident, and in control. If it’s random and chaos, he can get into a panic mode. He tries to come up with all the possible events before they happen so he has awareness and not act stupid.
How does character face problems? He analyzes as much as he can before facing a problem. He can delay battle rather well from his practice with the guard. It gives him time to come up with an answer.
Kinds of problems character usually runs into: Demons. Disorder. Legal battle.
How does character react to NEW problems? Compare it to previous already figured out issues to find a close match and follow those plans and ideas. If things do not work out, he seeks help and knowledge.
Jewelry? He wears garnets and peridots often. They are filled with magic when he puts them off. That’s part of how he accesses magic. They can be hair pieces, necklaces, gloves, bracelets, anklets, brooches, etc. He has no limit to how he wears items.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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