Zeus’s Character Quiz (Unbelievable)

The Character Quiz Zeus/Adain Illiene (Unbelievable)
[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

Character’s Full Name: Zeus (Adain) Illiene
Reason or meaning of name: Illiene is his mother’s last name and the current ruling name for Leagende. Adain changes his first name to Zeus at the end of Undeniable to be considered the second coming of the previous king Zeus. He was the last king to control the old Leagende before it split into four countries.
Quote: Let’s make Leagende great again!
Dream job: Adain seeks to rejoin all the countries together again. He wants equality. The only way to succeed is to become king. If he looks like a conquering demon doing so, so be it. He will make Leagende great again. Because no one else is planning on offering his father and others like him the treatment they deserve.
What single event would most throw character’s life in complete turmoil? Losing his sister Castella. He has no idea how he could function as king or as an elf without his sister. The second biggest would be losing his parents: Bludi and Ellone.
Greatest fear: Equality being an impossible goal. Not being able to bring the country together.
Worst thing that could happen to him? Being forced to married because it what he’s supposed to do. Having demons destroy his country and his people. His people not believing in him as a ruler.
Character is most at ease when: Things work out without fighting.
Most ill at ease when: Fighting is the only answer left.
Priorities: Leagende is his top most important thing. Then it’s his family. And he has guilt because he knows he would throw his sister or his parents to the wolves if it means protecting his country. No one knows he would do such.
Philosophy: Equality is the only way to live.
One word character would use to describe self: Determined
One paragraph description of how character would describe self: When you look at me, you see the perfect Forest Elf royal. I am a Leagende royal. My other bloods do not make me look off. But even if I look the average Forest Elf, I carry human and demon marks. I understand what it means to carry those marks. My goals, what should be your goals, is to grant equal treatment for all citizens of Leagende. I am your king. Let me protect all of you.

What does character consider best physical characteristic? He is quite happy over his royal eyes and missing wing bone. It was a surprise that a child not of the queen or king has the missing wing bone. He wasn’t the first, though. Bludi was not born a prince. His mother at the time was only a princess. Yet Bludi was born with the missing wingbone. Adain loves the connection he shares with his father and sister. When he lost his magic at a young age, he lost his missing wingbone. He gains it again when he becomes king.
What does character consider worst physical characteristic? His lacking magic is something he hates, but cannot do anything about. He accepts it, but it took years for him to.
Is character married? Not at the beginning of Unbelievable. He picks his wife during the story. But the marriage happens later. Madeline is his queen without being his wife.
Has character ever cheated on any significant other? He hasn’t had a true significant other. He is slow to find connections that would lead him to cheating. As a demi-sexual, he finds it easy to not cheat.
Friends? He has a very close friendship with his guard, Rick. He protected him many times over his life. Rick helped Adain gain skills physically. Adain also has a close friendship with Estella, his hairdresser. She is one of few allowed close to him. Adain may not know, but he is the reason Rick and Estella find each other and end up marrying.
What does s/he do too much of? Adain spends too much of his time focused on the country and his goals of equality.
Too little of? Self reflection and rest. He’ll burn out at this rate. Madeline worries about that often.
Does character like animals? Yes. Although he doesn’t have time to care for any animals.
Likes music? He’s calmed by calm melodies. He likes to use music to boost his magical output. There is a connection and is currently looking for a mage who’ll study it.
Person character secretly admires: Castella and Joshua. Their relationship and skills as mages. He has no idea how it was so easy for them to fall in love. What is love at first sight? Even though he’s read many stories that include it, he never felt it. It’s something he wonders is even real.
Person character was most influenced by: Prince Bludi has made a huge impact on everything that makes Adain Adain. If not for Bludi, Adain would never have become king or seek equality or to unify the country.
Which of the 7 deadly sins does character fight (or give into, willingly or not)?
(lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride) Pride. Adain can get very prideful. Then he’ll go into a state of guilt over his boasts. Mostly he’s too prideful for his own good.
Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Drives and motivations? Equality will only be a driving factor for him. He wants his family to gain the treatment they deserve even though they aren’t pure elves.
Extremely skilled at: Magic, but he cannot use his own magic power since it’s missing.
Extremely unskilled at: Dealing with his human relatives. He isn’t sure how to handle his father’s half siblings from Germania.

[Leagende] [About Cat Hartliebe]

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